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anonymous #1:
Yes! Why can't you spell the name of GOD? I know His name is holy but is spelling it a sin? Lighten up. Hal Lindsey had a dream that he considered to be prophetic. He didn't say that he was a prophet. By the way, a generation is 52 years, not 40.

My Reply:
I don't spell out the name of G-d out of respect to fellow Jews who read this site. There's nothing wrong, in my opinion, to write it out fully and I don't think there's anything wrong with writing it with the dash. I've never said it was a sin, you'll never see me say it is a sin to write it out.
Hal Lindsey has given prophecies preceded by "Thus saith the L-rd..." So rather he claims that he is a prophet or not, he has put himself in that group. Deuteronomy 18:22  "When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken"

He is also a false teacher and there are consequences for that as well. He's made a fortune on these "mistakes" he's made, so if he had some morals, he'd give refunds on these "mistakes".

The bible frequently mentions 40-year periods. The common consent to the idea of a generation is 40 years. Many of the lengths of rule of the Judges, along with the first three kings of Israel (including Solomon), reigned 40 years. For their unfaithfulness after the forty days that the Israelites spied in the Promised Land, they had to wander in the desert for forty years. Ezekiel had to lie on his side for forty days in prophecy of the forty-year period before Jerusalem would be destroyed (Ezekiel 4:6). When Moses was about forty years old, he killed an Egyptian and fled the country to live in the land of Midian. It was there, approximately forty years later, that God spoke to Moses from the burning bush and gave him the commission that led to the Israelites being set free and the establishment of God’s Sacred Agreement with them. So it is quite well known among scholars that 40 years is a generation.

Rabbi Stanley

Another writes... Question, in his book, Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth he says Gods law was made so people would sin more is he stating the truth?

My reply:
I don't remember reading that myself, I'll look it up. It wouldn't surprise me though if he did say that. There is a grave misunderstanding considering the Law among Christian Churches. In Judaism as well as in Messianic Judaism, we understand the Law as something good. We are thankful for the Law because we think the Law is for instruction. The Greeks understood the Law as something negative and that negativity comes across in their Greek Translations of the Hebrew New Testament. They place Law and grace as opposites where in the Judaic mindset we see them working together. We believe there is no grace without Law! We also believe that the Law existed before man was on earth. It had to have been in place in order for Lucifer to break it and be cast from Heaven. Some Gentiles when they refer to Law, they mean the Law of Moses. But there really is no "Law of Moses". They weren't Moses' laws, they were G-d's Laws. Let's not forget that

Hal Lindsey - the eyes are the windows to the soul.Anybody ever look at those eyes??? The Late Great Planet Earth was written nearly 40 years ago. His ego will be his undoing. I wish people would wake up.

My Reply:
Yes, Rachel, I agree. Believers too often think forgiveness is the way to go to the point of silliness. They allow child molesters in the Church to take care of the nursery in the "spirit of forgiveness". If they don't wake up, they will suffer grave consequences.
Thanks for your post.
Rabbi Stanley
i am inquiring about the battle of armegeddon. will it begin in jerusalem and migrate to meggido, or at least to the plains esdraelon. thank you for any help in this area. it well help my bible study. again i say thanks.

Shalom Martin,
The Battle of Armageddon will not be fought in Megido. Armageddon in Hebrew is Har Megido. That means the
Mount of Rendezvous. The Mount of Rendezvous as always been Mount Zion. Megido would be impossible
because Rev 14:20 says the blood will run up to a horse's bridle in the valley of Megido. I've been to Megido many times and anyone who has visited there quickly realizes that this is an impossibility there. That valley is huge! You could take every
human being in the world and every horse as well and if you slaughtered them all at the very same time draining all
their blood out in a blink of an eye in the valley of Megido... there wouldn't be enough to wet your ankles let alone get it up

to a horses bridle. But at Jerusalem at the Mount of Rendezvous, there are many wadis there where this could very well

I think we better concentrate on the things that are going on here at home. Homosexuality is tearing apart our families and setting really bad examples for our kids and grandkids to follow. It's a major sin and God (and yes I WILL spell it out), will not put up with it long. We'll be accountable as a nation for letting it exist at all. Christians need to wake up and contact their congressman
to put a stop to it. We can stop it IF we all ban together to fight it. Abortion is also another issue that should be our concern. We can stop it also if we ban together. Alone, we can do nothing; but with the help of Almighty God and banning together to let our voices be heard, we can stop it too. Our country is headed for disaster of major proportions if we don't get out act together as Christians. Fighting among ouselves will accomplish nothing!!! There is too much violence already.

My Reply:
Thanks for writing in Barbara.
I agree that homosexuality and abortion are terrible things. I also agree that we need to wake up and write our congressman about these things and so forth. You'll see on some of the other articles I've written on this site that I say do just that. I agree with everything you are saying here except you seem to think that talking about this subject here on this page isn't useful. I think it's very useful. This site is about opening discussions on various topics including false prophets and I would put false prophets at the same level as abortionists and homosexuality. All three were punishable by death in the Torah as they should be.
Thanks again, drop by anytime.
I`m not sure I can figure anything out anymore. Too much info.  Is that what the Bible means buy "knowledge will be increased". It doesnt say wisdom does it ? I pray for the knowledge of his will and the power to carry it out but have ended up completely disabled (useless). Hal Lindsey ? I read the book and I don`t remember him predicting a date. Russia is back. The whole world is a mess.  The best I can do is give the homeless guy at the gas station a buck and tell him Jesus loves him. I think I will keep reading this stuff.    Thanks

Hi Mike,
Yes, I think we see knowledge being increased in many ways today that haven't been available in times past. The internet being one of those avenues.
Hal Lindsey gave a date, the year 1980! He said he had heard this from G-d. By saying he heard it from G-d he then crossed over into prophecying. Predictions are one thing, but saying you heard it from G-d, that is quite different.
As far as Russia being back, yeah it's rising it's head a bit but Russia isn't the USSR. Hal Lindsey clearly said it was the USSR and that my friend has disapeared forever. Russia will never again have that kind of power either. Now it has very little power and the kind of government it has will never see the kind of strength it once had. Russia doesn't scare me, but China does.
Keep up the good works Mike, G-d bless you.
Rabbi Stanley
Is Gordon Lindsey related to Hal Lindsey by any chance?
Shalom Evelyn,
No, not that I know of. If anyone else happens to know, fill us in please.
Rabbi Stanley
Anonymous: You are the false prophet. You have the Spirit of Anti- Christ.
My Reply: Good one, glad to see you put so much time into your thoughts here (I hate it when Hal writes in lol)
Dear Mislead Person, I would encourage you to read the Bible and study the prophets for 40 years thenask the Holy Ghost to lead you to Jesus Christ and all of God's truth. You'll that Hal Lindsey is not a false prophet but accurately interprets many end time events mentioned in the Bible. Unless you are Christian who longs for and treasure the absolute truth of the God's Holy Word, and hold God's word above your own carnal opinion, you can't understand or judge someone who does.
Ms. J.

Ms. J,
Thanks for writing in. This is a good example of someone who follows blindly after false prophets like Hal and Benny Hinn. If you look closely at her comments, you'll see that she believes that if you don't follow Hal, you are not even Born Again. And they really believe that way! They throw out anything their intellect might try to tell them and become "sheeple" people that are simply sheep being led by whoever. These folks are usually the most hypocritical as well. They say they don't judge but they pass out judgment freely on those who don't agree with them. Even to the point where they judge if that person is Saved or not. All because I spoke against Hal Lindsey. Ms J, you can deny facts if you like, that's your choice but you're heading down the same road as those from Jonestown, you can't just drink whatever coolaid is passed out to you.
Rabbi Stanley
Rabbi Stanley,
I found your site googleing a picture of Hal for the blog ,Jerusalems
I settled on a picture of Hal and Jan Markel who sold the blind sheep on their Lord George as a friend of Israel.Now they just hide how wrong and blind and deceived they were leading the blind sheeple.
A blatant lie which those who hate the truth embrace having fallen into strong delusion.
There are many blind watchmen and false prophets in these last days and the amazing hting is that believers are so tolerant of evil that Satan's deception is easy to flood the church.
A good example of this is the wolf Bush and how he seduced naive,gulliable believers who are partakers of his planned destruction of Israel by way of his false peace scheme.....unless they have repented of their whoredom with the king of Babylon.
Where do you stand on this American President, divider of Israel ,imposter to the true peacemaker ,the Prince of Peace,Jesus whom Israel worships with their religious obedience to his every word while ignoring Hashem (Exodus23:27-33)?
Thanks for writing in Marcel, I'm glad you found our website.
Yes, there are many false prophets out there today and they are leading people into deception.
I'm not sure if I understand all of your question here but I'll answer concerning Bush and Israel. Any nation or it's leader needs to deal with Israel very carefully. If they try to divide it, as Bush has, he risks being under the curse of G-d. Any action against G-d's chosen people is weiged by HaShem (The Name) and if it hurts His people, it hurts Him. I don't believe that Bush is intentionally trying to hurt Israel but it's likely he's deceived into thinking he is actually helping HaAretz (The Land). Only G-d knows his heart. His time is coming to an end and we'll see what the next President does. Obama is not and never has been a friend to Israel and if he's elected, I think he'll try to do a lot of harm to the Jewish community as a whole. If he does, it will effect America as a whole until we vote him out.
Rabbi Stanley
Some of this email has been omitted as it contains personal information and the email address he left me isn’t valid for me to ask him. So until I hear back from him, I’ll only publish the parts that aren’t sensitive.

hey Rabbi Stanley! I wonder if this will actually be on your website? Anyways, I have a few questions for you. First let me start with a couple things about myself, I am currently serving in the military for about 5 years altogether. i have been to iraq, as a Marine, during the initial invasion and then left the service and recently came back in. I have had problems with drugs most of my life, the worst battle being with heroin when I was younger. I have been married two times and am currently divorced. I have a tendency towards fighting for as long as I can remember and have never had a high opinion of myself

Oh, by the way i am a believeing Christian! I first put my faith in the faith of Christ's about two years ago, while battling a heroin relapse. Happy to say i have been clean ever since, though always wary because "once an addict, always an addict."

I think we all have our own vices we have to deal with.
Why do you think some Jews converted to Christianity, and not others even after witnessing the unwavering hearts of the apostles? Are you really a rabbi, no offense just wondered? Also in response to some of the others, I believe that Islam is the only one of the three that originally pushed for "forced conversion." Thanks and your thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, and you probably should be a little kinder in your responses everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and in my opinion, which I base on what i believe to be the facts of God's word, is that the evil one has clouded so many of us with confusion and distrust. Have some patience man! Mourn for the lost rather than attack them. One more thing, as far as the state of America and the world,i beloieve it will continue to get worse and worse until Jesus comes back per the new testament. As Chrisitians, how do we battle the gov't, when Jesus says submit to the gov't and set your sights on the eternal and the eternally lost? Thank you.

Shalom Mike,
First, I want to thank you for your service in the Core. I can identify with soldiers as I was a grunt in the U.S. Army (11 Bravo infantry)

After having what you’ve read on this page, I can understand why you think I’m not a nice guy but this article or even this entire site doesn’t always show a balanced perspective of who I am on a day to day basis. It’s true I don’t believe in the “Christian” idea that we are supposed to be nice to everybody all the time no matter how vile they may be. I just don’t buy into that ideology and it’s certainly not Scriptural. I’m sure those who saw Yeshua for their first time at the Temple as He was whipping the money changers out of the Temple area probably thought that He wasn’t the nicest person they’d ever met either.

You may even notice that I never drew first blood here either on those who have commented. They are usually angry at my article because they think differently and I have attacked their heroes. But let’s get real here, this is my website and if someone comes here and gets snippy with me… I’ll fire back at times if I think it’s warranted. If I go to another website, read their material and leave a comment slamming them, I’m aware that they may respond however they like if they so choose. It’s no different here.

I’m more then happy to have an exchange of thoughts with my visitors, that’s why I go to the trouble of putting comment boxes up for them to do so. Unless the reader is the person I’m actually writing about, then it’s a third party jumping in and taking a swing so I have every right to answer back. I don’t always exercise that right, but I do when I feel I should. So really, if someone came into your house and started picking a fight with you, is it really my place to come and tell you to cool it when you’re simply defending yourself?

And you know what… I do mourn for the lost. I devoted the first 10 years of my ministry to evangelism and poured my heart into it as well as every dime I had. I’m not complaining because they were some of the best years of my life. Literally hundreds upon hundreds came to the L-rd. When I was living in Israel, I moved to the West Bank and witnessed to the Palestinians for 5 years. I was attacked and beaten there by Muslim fundamentalists and that’s why I had to leave HaAretz (The Land). I still have a family member who is Palestinian and I love her dearly (and I’m a Jew lol).

I think 5 years in the West Bank shows some patience don’t you? It wasn’t until my 3rd year there that I even saw one convert! That was pretty disheartening at times but I persevered and led a good friend of mine to the L-rd who belonged to Hamas. I’m only explaining all this to you so you can see there’s a lot more to someone sometimes then a 10-minute article they may have written.

Yeah, I do get impatient with some. If I get some yahoo in here, and I’m not talking about you… I think you’re a sincere enough guy, and this clown wants to take pot shots at me, like I said, I don’t believe in “we should love everybody” theology. I’m not a pacifist and I don’t let people run over me. I don’t believe Yeshua was a pacifist either and if you’re interested we can talk about that someday.

Sometimes I’m just showing my other readers how to respond to silly accusations that may get thrown at them if they try to oust false prophets or expose false doctrines. You’d be surprised how many visitors I get on this website. I get hundreds per week. Half of them are first time visitors and half are return visitors. I have a program that gives me all their web stats each time they land on any of my pages within this site. I know what page they came from, if they clicked on me from another website or what key words they used in a search engine when they found me. I even know what platform they are using and even what resolution they are viewing my site in. I know what site they go to directly after mine and I know what country they are in as well as how many minutes they’ve spent on any given page. With that information I try to give my demographics the material I think would benefit them most. That’s how I came up with writing the page on my site concerning Canadian politics (which I have since taken down because it was getting dated lol).

Yes I am a real Messianic Rabbi. I have 3 Messianic Yeshivas and 5 Messianic Congregations world wide that I oversee.

“Why do you think some Jews converted to Christianity, and not others even after witnessing the unwavering hearts of the apostles?” Short answer… Jews who lived during the time of the Apostles never converted to Christianity. The Jews who were Born Again at that time were living the fulfillment of Judaism and they always stayed Jews. None of the Jewish Apostles were ever Christians so there was no need to convert to anything.  If you want to know more, we can talk further on that.

“Islam is the only one of the three that originally pushed for "forced conversion."”
Not so, all three religions practiced forced religions. For hundreds of years the Crusaders and the Spanish Inquisition forced Jews to become Christians under pain of death.
Jews conquered Idumea not long before Yeshua was born and John Hyrcanus forcibly circumcised them and converted them.

This is the longest response I’ve ever written for this website lol. I guess I was in the mood to write tonight.

Ok my friend, I’ll wait to hear back from you.

Rabbi Stanley
Though Hal Lindsey books and his website videos are interesting, I prefer to gravitate and soak in words spoken by our God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  As with Benny Hinn and other head slamming "you're healed" preachers, I am not interested.

I would like to know your opinion of the December 5, 2008, featured video by Hal Lindsey on his website,  What do you think about Hal's comments on Obama in this video?

Reading thru parts of Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation scares me a bit.  I am not sure if I or my children can survive the anti-christ era.  It seems too horrific.      My husband and I are doing the best we can to prepare for what is to come, for what is to come is not going to be pleasant.  As a family, we are reading and studying thru the Bible cover to cover.  We are doing this NOT to boast, but to prepare our children spiritually for the bad times that is coming.  We are quite worried. 

We have attended numerous churches in our county.  All of them seem to lean towards false doctrines.  There is a church close to my residence that teaches homosexuality is ok.  Two of the attendees of this church are the founders of LGBT advocacy group in my county.  I have tried reaching out to them by showing scriptures condemning their lifestyle.  I told them that my only desire is that they spend eternity with our God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  They believe God will accept them as they are.  Well, I don't think I was successful in planting a seed, but I will leave it up to Yeshua to jolt them with the Truth like He did with Saul before he became Paul.

Shalom Jenny,
His remarks on that video concerning Obama are a bit over stated. Hal Lindsey likes to shock and scare Believers, and I think any spirit of fear directed towards G-d’s children is not of G-d. The same goes with his prophetical teachings. I believe prophecy was given to the Believer in order that we might know what is going to happen in the future so we might have peace.

Obama is going to do some damage to America, make no bones about it. But Lindsey in this video compares it to Hitler’s Germany and that evokes some powerful yet deceptive imagery. WW II Germany did not have the power to impeach Adolph Hitler. We as Americans still have that right and if Obama gets too crazy, Americans will do something about it.

Also, Obama is not the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ will be an Assyrian (Scripture is clear about that). Will he speak like a dragon, as does Obama? Yes, you could draw some similarities there but going so far as Lindsey does is not healthy or constructive. In our Online Yeshiva we have a course on Eschatology and we explain where the empire of the Anti-Christ rises and how it is not part of the Americas or even Western Europe. He doesn’t rule “all the world” even though the English translations say that he does.

So don’t worry, have peace. He will give you strength when you need it most.
If you have any followup questions, feel free to post them here :-)

Shalom (Peace) in Him,
Rabbi Stanley

I have for years prospected for knowledge through "Homer" and his age up to the present.  Like all prospecting, you have much tailings, then you find a nugget of truth that makes all of the panning worth while.
Years ago, I was in a all night BIBLE PROSPECTING, when in the middle of working a claim, I made a statement, that from puting togather many of the found nuggets, I said something that made wonderfull point.(all with out any real nuggets to prove it.)
A few years pass, and I found some writing by Pascal,(other then he had something to do with math), I knew nothing about the man.  In one of his writings I came across the very same statement that I made years before.
  I beleave that there are many persons that God the provider, gives a nugget of truth too. Yet much of what that person says can be discared.  How does one find these nuggets of truth?
  In closing, do as Paul says,"test every spirit!"
  thank you for letting me rant for a bit!

Shalom Erica,
So what is your take on Hal Lindsey?
Rabbi Stanley

Jan. 3rd 2009
well I think that you shouls re-read the late great planet earth... I came across the statements that you and others gave mis-read... you all seem to skip over words like " should, could,may,if ect.
you seem so hidebound to be looking for what you can to under cut the man that you can't see the listed words listed above... over forty years I have read Mr. Lindsey's books never once in any of them have I every seen that he claimed to personaly be able to predict the furture... he does how ever state (current with the present book that he has finished that he has drawn certain ideals from his research.) that up to the point in time of that book he can see things on the world progress "He" thinks this is or could be what is about to happen.
now if I shouls quote a book of his written back in 1960's and try to say that he is a false teacher, now that it is 2009...that like taking any information on almost any subject and not pay attenation to the advancement's that we have made in the last forty years.
No I think that you and the other people that read at or restrict information that we have gained over the years, if we take a bible verse out of context we make it a pretext.
You and others may put down Mr. Lindsey, for his marrages and other thing in his life, He is no different then you or I when it comes to our lifes, but that does not stop our creator, his son jesus the christ, and the Holy Spirit from using us to spread his truth's to the world.
If you , me, or any one else would judge ourself by the same judgement that we judge Mr. Lindsey, then we ourself would find our lifes maybe more mixed up then Mr. Lindsey, BUT THIS DOSE NOT STOP GOD FROM USING US.
In closing, look in the old testament and new testament, and see what kind of lifes that God did use,  Very few of the people that put down others were used, He (GOD) takes you as you are and is able to clean you up.  So be very Careful how you judge someone, who GOD is using for his work...with what judgement you judge another you will be judged.

Jan. 3rd 2009
Shalom Erica,
Well, I see a lot of problems in your thinking here. Let’s go one by one…
It seems you’ve missed some words yourself like when he said, “Thus saith the Lord” and “The next war will not be with the Arabs but with the Russians’ (p. 66) which is another absolute prophecy that didn’t come to pass. So you’ve missed words in both his book and this article. I can understand you missing words here, but you studied his books for 40 years, that kind of failure is a bit harder for me to understand.
Let’s go to the next point…
You wrote, “now if I shouls quote a book of his written back in 1960's and try to say that he is a false teacher, now that it is 2009”. Is there a Statute of limitation on false prophets? So I can make all kinds of false claims and if I can scoot by for 20 years, I can move on to a new set of false prophesies? I have a problem with that.
Next point….
You said, “He is no different then you or I when it comes to our lifes”. Wrong again. He is different, he’s supposed to be a minister and ministers are held to a higher standard. As a Rabbi, I can’t do all the things other people do. I have to be careful and understand that my life is a bit more under the microscope then lay people. As Ministers we are supposed to be carrying a mantel of leadership and we certainly under no circumstances should be writing false prophecies. And you’re wrong, it does stop G-d from using us if we don’t repent, as he obviously hasn’t.
Next Point…
You said, “If you , me, or any one else would judge ourself by the same judgement that we judge Mr. Lindsey, then we ourself would find our lifes maybe more mixed up then Mr. Lindsey BUT THIS DOSE NOT STOP GOD FROM USING US.”. Well, I’m glad you finally admit that he’s mixed up. That’s quite a judgment you’ve made on him. So far you’ve judged the people on this discussion topic, you’ve judged me and now you’ve judged Hal. Funny how you tell others not to judge. There’s a word for that isn’t there?
And again, yes, it does stop G-d from using us. If you’re mixed up, you should go get counseling, you should not be out ministering. G-d didn’t use mixed up people. He did use people who had flaws and imperfections but none of them were “mixed up”.
Last point (just because of time limitations)
You said, “So be very Careful how you judge someone, who GOD is using for his work...with what judgement you judge another you will be judged.”. G-d is not using Hal so this wouldn’t apply anyway and second on this point is you’ve completely misinterpreted “Judge not lest ye be judged”. According to the way you are using it, you’re saying I’m judging Hal unfairly so I will be judged unfairly by G-d. Well, G-d always judges fairly, at least my G-d does. As for you and Hal Lindsey’s god, I don’t know, but I do know his god doesn’t know how to predict the future accurately.
To close, we should judge false prophets such as Hal Lindsey and others because it is the right thing to do. Prophets certainly did “put down” those who made a mockery of G-d’s words. I think you’ve not only missed many of Hal Lindsey’s words in his books but also this article and also the very Bible itself. 40 years can make the eyes weak, time to get that check up.

Jan. 12th 2009
Shalom Rabbi,
LOL. I like your site, it is interesting. I first read a hal lindsey book on a plane...i think is was called terror, oil, and arrmagedon or something like that..should have known from the title that the insides would strike terror in my heart. So i went on the web months ago to look up his name and look at other books and that is when i saw your site. I read a little but left and said " so long hal" Today i was looking through articals on obama and found one by hal about obama being the anti christ..i listen to it and thought to myself. "I remember reading someting about him months earlier and that is when i came looking for your sight and found it right away. Your sight is very helpful. I find myself laughing at some of your reprouches to peoples
(Is there a Statute of limitation on false prophets? So I can make all kinds of false claims and if I can scoot by for 20 years, I can move on to a new set of false prophesies? I have a problem with that.)and others.
What are your takes on jerry b jenkins and Tim layhe? the left behind series. I did some studing of end time things but stuff is so confussing. there are so many prophesys conserning the end times that i have a hard time putting them together and figuring them all out. My bible study leader says "Dont worry about it, when the time comes you'll say this is THAT, to prophesies iv been who the anti christ is." To study but dont let world events strick terror into our hearts, and to pray for our president cause G-d can use anyone he wants for what ever he wants. Maybe Obama is Americas judgement for a call of true repentace...kind of hard to have true repentance when we have things so good here, at least compared to other countries. Well take care and you'll here from me again im sure now that i know someone who is jewish and can awnser jewish questions.

You said: The Anti-Christ will be an Assyrian (Scripture is clear about that). Will he speak like a dragon, as does Obama? Yes, you could draw some similarities there but going so far as Lindsey does is not healthy or constructive. In our Online Yeshiva we have a course on Eschatology and we explain where the empire of the Anti-Christ rises and how it is not part of the Americas or even Western Europe. He doesn’t rule “all the world” even though the English translations say that he does.

1.scripture is clear about him being a Assyrian? can you explain more detail, thanks. I have always been told, taught that the anti christ will rule all the world, of course i read english translations, like the NAS study key words bible, it has hebrew and greek words in the back.

2. Are you implying that as in the same way the president of the US is not in charge of the intire US, Were he doesnt controll all things or are you suggesting there are going to be countries that he is not going to rule other then isreal...hope this came out right..if you dont understand then ill have to refraze my or have my hubby expain better cause this one was his question.


Jan 13th 2009
Shalom Tracee, I’m glad you’ve found us again and that you’re enjoying the site. I try to interject some humor from time to time although it is a bit dry, must be the time I spent with my friends from England lol.
Yes, if a book for Christians strikes terror in the heart of the Believer, it’s not from G-d. Prophecy was given to us to give us peace, not fear.
True, Obama cannot be the Anti-Christ because he is not from Assyria.
For over 40 years now my dad has been teaching that the AC is from Assyria and now there are a few who have caught on and unfortunately haven’t given him the credit for what they now teach. Theft is more prevalent in the Church then many secular areas unfortunately. Some have added some Scriptures to it that don’t fit, so maybe it’s all for the better lol.
We believe he’s from Assyria because it says in Isaiah: 10:12   Wherefore it shall come to pass, that when the Lord hath performed his WHOLE WORK upon mount Zion and on Jerusalem, I will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Assyria , and the glory of his high looks. 

Isa 14:25   That I will break the Assyrian in MY land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.

We know this is prophetic because it’s never happened before, therefore it’s yet to come.

One thing that we teach that others do not is that the Anti Christ will be a backslider (so of course the Baptists don’t believe this) and also that he will be homosexual.

(Dan 11:37)  Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

In Hebrew this phrase “nor the desire of women” refers to men who love men.

There’s much more to this teaching “The Background of the Anti-Christ”, a seminars worth, but this is just a very brief summery of it.

Lehaye says outright that their books are fiction and they are exactly that.

Yes, he won’t rule the all the world. The Bible also says that all the world paid taxes to Caesar, but we know the American Indians didn’t pay him taxes so either the Bible’s a lie or we have to reconcile what “all” means. In the case of the anti-Christ it means all the part of the world he rules over which is limited.

He doesn’t rule Edom Moab and Amman, which is present day Jordan. Jordan is a small country with little power. Also Scripture tells us he goes to war with the East, so he doesn’t rule them either. Then he gets “trouble” from the utmost north. If the Anti-Christ Empire is Russia, then who is troubling him north of Russia? The Eskimos? The mighty Eskimos will bring down his empire? Lol. I don’t think so. It’s obvious that Russia comes against him so he doesn’t rule them either. The fact is, the Anti-Christ rules only the countries around the Mediterranean. It’s very limited in scope but it will have worldwide influence. Just as some countries today have worldwide influence, like Iran and Saudi Arabia. He will not rule the US or Canada or Mexico or South America though he may have some limited dealings with them.
So don’t fear, it won’t effect you. You can buy your groceries without the mark. The bible says one won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Buy or sell is a Greek term, which means high finance like stocks. To buy or sell stock. This will be in his empire only.

I hope this helps a bit. It’s very summarized. You might want to take the Eschatology course at our online Yeshiva. I think you and your husband would enjoy that.
Ok Shalom in Him,
Rabbi Stanley

Jan 13th 2009
Hal Lindsey has NEVER claimed to be a prohpet. He claims to be a student of Bible prophecy since 1955. He studies "Bible predictions", not his own.

Shalom Anonymous,
I've already quoted him so you're incorrect. But I would like to use you as another example of those who are blind concerning their spiritual heroes.
So... even if I was wrong, tell me how on Earth you can make such a statement? Have you been to each and every one of his seminars since the 50's? Are you his wife? Have you been with him every second of every day? You clearly are not rational! How can anyone make such a statement when they haven't been with him and heard every word he's ever said since 1955.
Even if I believed he didn't or wouldn't have said he was a prophet, I wouldn't be so clueless to say "he NEVER said he was a prophet". If I said something like that about anyone, I would be one ignorant individual. But because he's your god - and let's face it, that's what he is to you and people like you, he's your god - you think he's infallible. Only G-d is infallible. I've proven here what he's said and you are still ignoring it. If Hal even admitted it, you would probably still not hear it because you are so deep in your worship of him. By your own words here you MUST be a disciple of his to know so much about every word he's ever said right? You have every one of his tapes that he used to sell from all his meetings and you have every recording saved from his TV show. You must right???  If you don't have every tape and recording of him, then you have no idea what you're talking about... but thanks for writing in.
Rabbi Stanley

Jan 28th 2009
Interesting commentary. Honestly, at the very least I see Hal Lindsey as a student of escatology. Even Jesus says NO ONE knows the time except the Father. I beleive Hal is trying to get us to share to the unbeleivers. He appears to me to beleive with urgency (as do I based on current events and their relationship to references to the end times) that the end is near and we should reach out for either a revival or to as many souls as possible before the end. I don't see how that is negative - reach out to the non-beleivers. Most importantly - no matter who you should listen to - SEEK THE TRUTH AND YOU SHALL FIND IT! Hal has a forum. Let's pray that G-d will use it for salvation. Maybe we can find a way to support it and encourage Hal to always search for and discuss the truth. "Team" effort for the saving of souls! Jesus is real. Jesus is the way. Seek the truth. I'll see you on the other side! -SB

Shalom SB
I’m glad you are enjoying the commentary.
I think you may be over-simplifying it. This man is making millions of dollars on gullible people. That’s not something we can brush aside. As a self proclaimed prophet and teacher, he has a responsibility to get it right just as I do (although I don’t claim to be a prophet). I’m very careful not to say “thus saith the L-rd” and I do not contradict the Bible by giving a date, as he has done, because the Scripture says we won’t know the day or the hour. That doesn’t mean we won’t know the season. But Hal claims revelation from G-d and that’s a problem. I don’t care if he’s a forum or not frankly. My dad always used to say, “If a glass of water had a little urine in it, just a little, would you still drink it? Then why would you accept a doctrine that is polluted if even just a little?” Hal has a lot of misinformation in his teachings and it is therefore polluted.
I appreciate your time for writing in, feel free to comment again.
Rabbi Stanley

Jan 30th 2009
Very insightful. I will value the wisdom (and your dad's!) as I seek the truth.

Do you have any opinions or essays on the collaboration of Jews and Christians? I seem to be noticing a lot of zeal for the Jewish religion and State from Christians (rightfuly so as "the chosen people"), such as "The Word for Today" with David Hocking, etc.?

I appreciate the personal interaction. I look forward to reading more in your Web site.

Shalom Scott,
Yes, there's a lot of good will between Israel and many Christians these days. Another great organization is called "The Christian Friends of Israel". I have many friends who work for them and they are doing a good work.

David Hocking seems to be a good guy as is Chuck Smith and Chuck Missler but it bothers me when they talk about the "Jewish Feasts". Not once in the Bible are they called the "Jewish Feasts". They are, however called "the Feasts of the L-rd" and "G-d's Feasts" and "My (G-d) Feasts". These are the Feasts of G-d NOT the Jews. They are HIS Holy days and appointed times with none of them being manufactured by man. They were intended for all of mankind, Jew and Gentile and all should be observing them!

I have some issues with the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. It started out good but they kicked out the founders and stole the organization from them so I've not supported them since.
What surprises me are the Christians who "love Israel" but don't really like Jews??? lol. They've made some kind of distinction in their mind between the 2 and that just doesn't fit into logic or the Scriptures. Israel and the Jew go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other so it's a new twist on Anti-Semitism that I hadn't come across before.
Ok, we'll talk to you later.
R. Stanley

At the risk of taking too much more of your generous time, can you help me to understand what you mean by "Jewish Believer"? I believe the "Old" Testament (forgive me if I am showing some ignorance in Jewish titles) to be infallible and that the Jewish people are the chosen ones of G-d. I believe in supporting & defending Israel (as a country and as an individual) against the evergrowing hatred toward Israel & Israel's supporters (which I believe to be biblical). I believe the liberal world is blinded with ignorance in unbelievable scope (from the U.N. to the western world)! I feel in tune with the Jewish community and understand that it's neighbors will never be peaceful no matter how much is given to them. I believe Israel will be victorius in any and all attacks. I believe G-d will have vengeance on those who do not stand with Israel.

It' s eye-opening to me that there is this embedded Anti-Semitism in translations. For the first time in my life (I am 40) and in American society, I am feeling the Anti-Christian / Anti-Jewish movement in strong force. It must be the way Jewish people have felt for ages. I see mainstream television (news and even sitcoms!), political movements and whole countries turning their back on G-d and mocking believers. Aetheists are gaining political ground as religion is being hindered.

Are there Christian organizations who you believe are getting it right - perhaps understands the "Feasts of the L-rd", etc? I would be interested to have their link. I do have a strong belief in the "New" Testament and have a deeply rooted relationship with Jesus Christ - my personal L-rd & Savior. I don't know the true inconsistencies between our "religions" but from what I can tell, we believe in the same G-od of the "Old" Testament, and are truly fighting for the same thing - our day to be in heaven with Him!

It is great that you have an ever-growing audience to get these important messages out. I will do my best to be more aware of and fight Anti-Semitism with vigor and to test my bibles translation with the original languages and intentions.

Shalom (used properly?) lol


Shalom Scott,
Don't worry about my time, you're the exact kind of person I'm trying to reach. From what you've written here, I can tell you are intelligent and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. As you can probably tell from some of my posts on my website, I don't have much patience for liberals and twits so I spend my time trying to reach out to folks like you who have already made a commitment to Yeshua (Jesus). We believe G-d is currently dividing the wheat from the chaff. The division starts with Israel! Those who are against her fall into the chaff category. Those who are against the Jewish people have no place in the King of the Jews Kingdom. If they are against the Believer and against the morals and principles of Scripture, both Tanach (Old Testament) and Brit Hadasha (New Testament), then they are at an opposite pole to those who are truly Born Again.
A Jewish Believer is a Jew who believes that Yeshua is the Messiah and is Born Again. Being Jewish means one who is born of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is no such thing as a “Spiritual Jew”. In fact… Scripture warns, “Beware of those who say they are Jews and are not, for they are of the Synagogue of Satan”. Some (even a few orthodox Rabbis I know) say that being Jewish is only a religion. That’s when I ask them how Tay Sachs (a disease particular to Jewish people) knows what religion we are? That usually ends that conversation.
You probably feel in tune with the Jewish people because you are either Jewish yourself and are not aware of it, or your walk with G-d inherently gives you a love for His people. I’m beginning to think it’s a little of both in your case. G-d is revealing to Believers all over the world their Jewish ethnicity as the time is coming when this will be of greater importance then ever before.
As for our differences… I agree with everything you wrote here so far. And was actually moved by the way you put it all. I hope you don’t mind but I even shared it with a few others in our organization. I’m guessing and it’s just a guess, that you may need to learn (as most Christians do) about the need of keeping ALL of G-d’s Laws. Yeshua did not do away with Mosaic Law but rather observed it. As Believers, we are all Saved by grace, but that does not negate Law in any fashion. The Christian Church is confused on this issue and don’t realize unless you point it out that they do in fact keep some of the Law. For example, the Ten Commandments. I ask typical Christians if they keep the Ten Commandments and they immediately say, “Yes, yes I do”. Then I ask them if they keep Shabbat and they of course say they do not. My reply… “Then you keep the Nine Commandments”.
Yeshua never did away with the Law, if He had, there’d be no such thing as sin. That being said, we are not Rabbinical Jews, we are Biblical Jews. What that means is that there are laws that were added by the Jews after the second Temple period that we do not feel obligated to keep. For example mixing milk with meat. We do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk (as Scripture says we’re not supposed to do) but we do eat cheeseburgers (as the Rabbis say we are not supposed to do). We do wear Tallit as Yeshua and ALL the Disciples did and we keep Shabbat as ALL Believers should be doing.
So that might be something you may want to look into as you continue your journey with HaShem. You may also want to look into continuing your studies in a Messianic Yeshiva. We have on online Yeshiva that you’re welcome to sign up for but there are others out there that are very good as well. Study is important because if we don’t study, G-d doesn’t approve of us. That’s a hard word but true none the less.
If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.
Rabbi Stanley

The Almighties name is not G-D OR GOD, IT IS JEHOVAHl

Stop beating Hal on one mistep, no one knows the day as God has said in his word.
Just how much smarter are you.

Shalom Charles,
I'll advise you as I advise my Yeshiva students, "Don't correct me unless you know what you're talking about or you will appear as an idiot".

So let me begin!

First, in Hebrew, there is no "J" sound. So it's pronounced "Yehova". Second, I write God as G-d because Jews do not use the full name in respect to using the ineffable name of G-d. Out of my respect to my Jewish readers, I write G slash d so as not to offend the very ones I try to evangelize.

So your statement "it is not G-D or GOD, it is Jehova" is laughable because you don't even know how to pronounce it or write it correctly and are trying to reproach someone who does. You have won the "idiot of the week" award and you can pick up your trophy in Stupidville (Note: Charles, Stupidville is not a real place).

As far as your Hal comment goes, I don't know if I'm smarter then him but I can promise you that he and I are both smarter then you.

Rabbi Stanley

Jan 31rst 2009
read your bible hal is true

Shalom anonymous,
I used to hear that about Jim Jones years ago. Then him and all his followers killed themselves.
Hal offers a different kind of Cool Aid, not one that is poison to the body but one that is poison to the soul.
Anonymous, you might want to crack that book open yourself.
Rabbi Stanley

We're all imperfect,we all have our own views,I'm not even close to being smart or briliant.I do believe in God and that his son died for us all,and is alive forevermore.Hal Lindsey is a good man and has a good word,I believe he loves God,and that he does what he believes is right and moral.Thats good enough for me to thank God for him and others like him.

Shalom Mike,
You sound like a good guy and I'm sure you are. What you are saying also sounds very Christian.
But here's the problem/question... Is being nice more important then obeying G-d? G-d very clearly gave us Laws. One law was that an adulterer was to be taken out and stoned till death. G-d gave this law. Now, you as a nice guy step in and say, "Hey, I'm a nice guy, I think we should abandon G-d's law on this because I think it's harsh and the adulteress isn't really a bad person". So what do we do? Do we listen to you Mike? It's very tempting to listen to you, you seem like a nice guy and what you're saying makes a lot of sense. I'm a nice guy too, I'd like to see the adulteress let go, I really would. But we're back to the problem, G-d said to do something different then what you are suggesting. Who do we listen to? Do we listen to the nice guy or The Almighty?

Well, we can't kill Hal but we can call him what he is and tell people to stop buying his books and giving him money because he's a false prophet.
I'm not saying that Hal is a mean man. He's a nice enough sounding guy even though he's gone through many marriages and affairs all the while saying he's a "Christian". But he's still a friendly guy. I also think if some of the women here who have been sticking up for Hal knew about all his affairs with women and how his x's feel about him, I think they'd change their tune. Too bad that's what it takes for some women to turn on someone when being a false prophet isn't enough for some of the women on this board.
So there ya have it Mike, I have to go with G-d on this one and on every law He's ever given. Here's something to think about... by being nice, you have come into direct opposition to G-d. There really are consequences to everything isn't there.
Rabbi Stanley

Its not out of being a nice guy that I can respect Mr. Lindsey's views,I am as you say a christian,and if it were not for the grace of God and the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us Jew's and gentiles alike,well then sir,we would all be with out hope of salvation.I respect the veiws of all,with the exception of some of these men who kill thier wives or daughters for what ever religious reason.When Jesus was taking his last few breaths,He asked the Father to forgive them who had him nailed to the cross.So we have all sinned in our lifes,I personally have repented and pray for forgiveness daily for any offenses that God my find in me,I don' know Mr Lindsey's heart or relationship with God,but the Holy spirit doesn't raise red flags when I listen to Hal,and I hear truth in his words.So If God be with him,then nothing can harm him.If he is doing his ministry without obeying the word of God,then  he will fall.It's so hard today to know what truth really is,that's why now more than ever we need to be diligent  in our prayer life.Anyway we all have the right to believe and worship freely,good day sir,and may God bless you.

That's where we differ. You think it's a good thing to respect everyone's views unless they are child killers etc.

I respect only a few people's views, people that I've known and proven over the years. I am beginning to wonder if you are the nice guy you say you are though. You seem to be getting testy already. So that proves my point really here. Things show in time.
I have to get to know people before I have any respect for them. Hal Lindsey certainly doesn't have it. Unlike you, I CAN know a man's heart by watching his deeds (fruit). Hal has lied and deceived millions, so I judge him a liar. Paul said "judge all things". I'm guessing you're of the persuasion that we shouldn't judge anyone (a misquote from Yeshua). None the less, you're discernment is lacking if you can't see Hal for what he is. He's an easy one, what if it were a more difficult person to recognize, say like the Anti-Christ. Millions will be deceived because they wont judge him for what he really is. You should keep reading what I post on this site. It would behoove you.
Rabbi Stanley

Hello Rabbi

Shalom David,
Yes the A.C. will come from Assyria. Here's a map of where that area is located.
So the heart of it was in part of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. This also qualifies him as the "King of the North" as Scripture points out. Most prophecy teachers (like Hal) go past all this area so they can make it Russia but they are incorrect. How many times can a teacher be incorrect before they are discredited? The A.C. is NOT a Jew, the False Messiah (also called the False Prophet) is, he'd have to be! The A.C. sets himself up as G-d Almighty, the False Prophet as the Messiah and the Abomination of Desolation as the Holy Spirit... the unholy triune god.
Assyrians are not Arabs and they are not Kurds either. They are descendants of Assur. There are about 3 million of them today and they are very proud of their heritage and generally very good people.
They also are not Muslim, they are Christian. The A.C. will be a backslider (he will not regard the G-d of his fathers). This is difficult for Baptists to understand. He will also be a homosexual. In Greek, the phrase "no regard for women" is used to describe homosexuals. We have an entire seminar on the Empire of the Anti-Christ but these are just the highlights. If you're interested you can sign up for our Yeshiva and get many more details. But I think this answers your question, if not, let me know.
Rabbi Stanley

This next email moved my heart. For all of you who act as if Hal's book is harmless then please read this...

Hal Lindsey's teachings caused me much pain in my life. My mother bought into this book when I was but a young girl. She had me convinced I'd never get beyond my teen years because the Lord was returning. Then when that did not happen she had me convinced I'd never see the year 2000. My childhood was filled with false prophesy. If somebody does not see what that can do to a child, they must be in a fog. I later turned to drugs and alcohol and had no idea what to believe any more. I've healed of all the false prophesies in my life but, sadly, my mother is still deceived by the folks on TBN. She still tries to throw out a lot of that nonsense toward me, but I'm able to give it to God now. Healed One

Thanks for writing in Healed One,
people really need to hear what you have to say. They think that prophecy is like some hobby that we can take or leave. G-d very clearly said that false prophets were to be taken out and stoned till death. Do we serve an unfair G-d? If G-d said something like this then shouldn't we think that He has good reason for such judgment? G-d is just, He knew that false prophecies hurt people and that we must protect His sheep from such wolves. Thank you again and please visit us anytime.
Rabbi Stanley

I have always found Hal to be knowledgable about the Word of God. Although I still have to watch and listen to his way of explaining things. I find most interesting is about his current news of today, and how close we are in this church age. I watch him every Sunday at 9:00 P.M. on Daystar.
mary myers

Shalom Mary,
Hal does know a few things in Scripture but it only takes a drop of poison in a tall glass of water to kill you. I learned something here in the jungles of India that might help you. I've met ministers here who have practically memorized the New Testament (Brit Hadasha) but they don't know the first thing about correct doctrine. All they have is the Book itself but no one to explain or teach them about it. They couldn't even point out Israel on a map if you showed them. However, one of these Pastors didn't even know that Yeshua (Jesus) was a Jew. When I told him He was, he was very excited and it all started to come together for him. It was an amazing thing for me to witness. If you mentioned a Passage in the Bible, he'd give you book, chapter and verse. He would tell me, "I know Bible" and he did in a sense. He knew it better then me as far as knowing exactly where everything is found but he didn't have any real understanding of the Scripture as a whole. Yeah Hal knows some Bible, but his understanding is way off base and unlike my Pastor friend here in the Jungle, Hal doesn't have any desire to correct his ignorance and lose more credibility... and book sales.
Thanks for writing in,
Rabbi Stanley

God Bless you and your family.I wanted to cry reading all the e-mails. I was touched by the ones who truly just love Jesus. Please pray for our family. My husband had brain surgery and this is a difficult time. Reading Isaiah and in the Psalm calmed me .My husband and I have been married for 26 years. We are also dealing with his alcohol addiction. ( He doesn't see he has a problem ) I stood behind him for the brain surgery even though my pastor advised me just to leave him. Many of my closest friends told me to leave him but I just didn't feel peace about it. I kept praying Lord, how can I leave the father of my children on the side of the road? I kept praying and reading about the Good Samaritan. Many ways I am so blessed, we have a beautiful daughter in college studing marine bilogy and a son who is married to a wonderful girl who loves The Lord. We have a awesome grand-daughter who is three years old and a delight from the day she was born. AS a care-taker to my husband I am so blessed as we live near the water and I can take walks on the favorite time to pray. PLease keep us in your prayers and I will pray daily for you and your loved ones.
Pat Stewart

Shalom Pat,
I'm sorry to hear about your husbands illness. We'll put you both on our prayer list. My wife is a prayer warrior and I've seen how G-d answers her prayers faithfully. I'll have her read this in the morning and I'm sure she'll have a burden for your situation and she'll start praying right away. Please visit us anytime.
May HaShem smile on you and yours,
Rabbi Stanley

March 22nd  2009
Stanley, the site; I was just browsing the internet to check out inconsistencies on Hal--a pastor at our assembly was not being kind. We need more grace to forgive each other. A friend of mine used to say, "Christians shoot their wounded." At times it's true.

I have a question;  it's pretty hard to know what translation to read these days to give you the right perspective on the scriptures.  I want to study but I'm not sure what I need to help me get going. I want to understand and I desire to go further than the paper it is written on. 

I'd be thankful for any help or direction you could give me.


Shalom Trevor,
I'm glad you are enjoying the site, you're welcome anytime.
Yes, the Christian Army is the only Army who shoots it's own wounded. Hal however isn't a Brother, he isn't wounded but I would like to shoot him lol just kidding about the last part.
You have a great question here, I wish more people asked it.
First, people have to understand that a translation of the Word of G-d is not the inspired Word of G-d.
Translations can and DO have errors. They are written by people and many translators were/aren't even Born again and openly say so. Many of the King James Version translators didn't believe in the Bible and they were NOT required to when they were asked for their services. Others who were Born Again had various theological backgrounds and didn't agree with each other. As you can imagine, one's personal theology really comes into play when that individual is translating what he personally believed that passage was saying! As you may have noticed, various translations differ greatly at times and that's because they see it differently from each other.
So of course the best thing to do is to read it in it's original language. Yes, I'm aware that isn't possible for most people (but possible for more people then they think... see my beginning Hebrew class on this site lol). So the next best thing is to read as many translations as you can on any passage you are studying. If you have to buy a lot of printed translations, that can get expensive. But what you can do if you have a computer is go to and download around 20 translations for free. They also have commentaries and a Bible dictionary as well I believe. I use it myself and it's very user friendly. I can quickly see how each passage reads and how they translate particular words. Every Believer should be doing Biblical word studies and reading various translations.
Now if I was to suggest the best translation over all, I'd have to say it's the KJV but I prefer to read David Stern's "Complete Jewish Bible" if I'm reading in English. Some translations or paraphrases aren't very good, like the Good News Bible but once in a great while they translate a passage better then any of the others.
I also highly suggest you get a Strong's Concordance. It is very important when doing any kind of study at all. I would also suggest that you enroll in our Online Yeshiva so you can really get the most out of your study time.
Ok hope that helps,
Rabbi Stanley

APRIL 3, 2009
It is really sad how some one takes time and effort to kill and destroy instead of build and love. You probably have been bless with opportunities and knowledge, why not to used in salvation ....Jesus loves you, fear comes when people do not sure of salvation, let’s help them to be redeem and fear no more of the coming events. Why to fear Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and He is coming soon for his people so no fear at all better love to bring the news and light to those in need. I like Mr. Lindsay way to explain the Word of God, I do not see any invidious remarks on his programs and I see God is blessing him more and more in front of Mr. Lindsay's enemies. Time is going bye and the Word is taking place as It is written. Remember ...nothing is impossible to God.... ....( I've been to Megido many times and anyone who has visited there quickly realizes that this is an impossibility there. That valley is huge! You could take every

human being in the world and every horse as well and if you slaughtered them all at the very same time draining all their blood out in a blink of an eye in the valley of Megido... there wouldn't be enough to wet your ankles let alone get it up to a horses bridle. But at Jerusalem at the Mount of Rendezvous, there are many wadis there where this could very well happen.)
If this is your call for this final times (to confuse people) keep doing it but the Spirit will testify to our hearts where is the truth...sorry for you!

Shalom M
Hey if you'd like to be a part of building a false prophet, that's completely up to you. You can also cloak it in as much Christian lingo as you have here and it doesn't change anything. You also have many false statements here which no doubt comes from your lack of study. For one, not all things are possible with G-d. Can G-d become Satan? No, He can't, it's not possible. Also G-d doesn't love everyone. Matter of fact the Bible says quite the opposite. It says in the Old Testament that G-d hated Esau (note- it didn't say He hated His sin, he said He hated ESAU). G-d hated him so much He repeated it in the New Testament (there goes the theory that the G-d of the O.T. is different then the G-d of the N.T). G-d may even hate you, I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised. I know I don't like you or people like you who twist Scripture. I actually detest people who intentionally pervert G-d's Word, it arises in me a righteous anger. I also find it hypocritical that you say I'm confusing people when it's people like you and your buddy Hal that are trying to do just that. I wont now or ever sacrifice unity for the sake of a false prophet or for allowing Paganism or false Christians like you a safehaven in G-d's Sanctuary. You better watch out, cause I'm looking for you. I've been exposing you and your kind for years now and my plan is to root you out of the Church and expose your liberal humanism for all true Believers to see.
Hope you have a great day and thanks for writing in.
R. Stanley

Sorry Rabbi Stanley if my comments raise your anger that prove me and give me better understanding of your spirituality.

In reference to:

“my plan is to root you out of the Church”

“You better watch out, cause I'm looking for you”

“G-d may even hate you”

"not all things are possible with G-d"

“G-d doesn't love everyone”

Here are my answers: I am not afraid for what men can do to me I trust God and His promises. You can root me out of  man's church (if God let you) but you can not root me out of the body of Christ (Christ’s church). Satan is always looking to devour me (and every body since he hates mankind) but can't due anything that God doesn't allow him to do if so, it is just to use it for good to glorify His name.

I am saved in the blood of Jesus, I am free of guiltiness and I am not going to the terrible judgment coming soon, do you believe this too? Do you believe in the rapture of the Church? Let me tell you, I feel sorry for the people that can’t have the same confidence and this rise up my desire to help them to find the Way and overcome their fears with the peace of God. God loves me I believe it and no one can shake this truth, Jesus is the love of God for me and you.

God is God He is not going over his attributes or principles because they have been established by him for the eternity. I am with you when you said “Can G-d become Satan? No”, He can’t go over Him Self but, He can do what he said is going to do, no dude about it. Please do not twist things and confuse people, God is Holy, do not mix things, there is nothing sinful in Him on the other hand satan is deceiver, divider, liar, twister  ...etc, he knows the word of God and know how to corrupt it that is his work.

I do not want to continue arguing with you go ahead continue your work.  God created all kind of vessels to do what is according with His purpose, and who knows what is the kind of job designed for you? Proverbs teach me that “the godly speak words that are helpful, but the wicked speak only what is corrupt”. The words of the wicked are like murderous ambush, but the words of the godly save lives”. Look for to save lives and give them opportunity of eternal life with the Father and Jesus instead of condemn people to the darkness. 


With my love in Crist,


Shalom M,
You're still not getting it, you're in a very deep deception. You think your walking on G-d's path and you are so sure of it yet you condemned me, someone who is trying to keep the wolves away from the very Body you claim to be a part of. It's not me anyway that is going to root you out, but G-d through me and people like me. It's very simple, you can't be Saved by the Blood of Christ and support false prophets no more then be Saved and support THE False Prophet. You can't have it both ways, one foot in the light and one foot in darkness no matter how much you've convinced yourself that you are close to G-d.
Your hypocrisy is so apparent here, can you not recognize it? Tell me what you see in this statement: Someone says to you, "You are wicked, you confuse people and good people don't call people bad names or say negative things to them!" lol. What you're saying is laughable because it's so absurd. You're telling me the very things you say you shouldn't say!!! At least I'm straight forward, I tell you your deceived and that it's ok to tell deceived people they are deceived.
Here you also agree that you said something false in your first post. You concede that G-d can not become Satan and therefor not ALL things are possible with G-d. Your spiritual walk is full of these double standards and you need to get them straight.
Here's another one... you said, "Look for to save lives and give them opportunity of eternal life with the Father and Jesus instead of condemn people to the darkness.". Do you know how many of the Prophets in the Old Testament doomed people to darkness if they didn't change their ways? I'm no prophet but according to your statement the Prophets were wrong because they pointed out to the people their error.
Many Christians think we're not supposed to say anything negative but Yeshua (Jesus) said many negative things. He called some (some) Pharisees "vipers". He drove out money changers with a whip! Are you telling me that Jesus wouldn't have made a good Christian??? Are you telling me He wasn't very "spiritual"??? You see, you're whole perception of G-dliness is perverted and you need to re-educate yourself. I suggest you read the articles on this site with an open mind and learn from them. They can really help you.
Yes, I believe in the Rapture of the Church but I also believe that many are going to be surprised that they didn't make it. The Church today has offered a broad path to the Kingdom, but Yeshua claimed it is a narrow path. He wont allow those who celebrate Pagan gods into His Shachina or those who aren't approved due to lack of studying His Word.
Rabbi Stanley

But isn't it true that Jesus could Chastise because Jesus is God?  God can pass judgement but we're not supposed to pass judgment? Jesus handed down a new commandment, "Love one another as I have loved you" and "Love your enemies"... And when Jesus instructs us "not to" judge, he can but we shouldn't?  And we are to forgive all sinners including false prophets as instructed by Jesus himself as false phrophets are indeed sinners like anyone else.  If one is out of the will of God, then one will fall for a false prophet, etc.? God is on the thrown regardless.  No one gets away with anything... therefore shouldn't we leave the judging to God?  Let that person without sin cast the first stone.  If then one of us is mistaken or wrong, lets all pray for that person.  Isn't it also true that when Jesus came, he became the law in as much as we as Christians, can now look upon him and his word to work towards doing the will of God as it is written?  Thanks

Shalom Jay,
Many people think we shouldn't chastise or judge others because of Yeshua's words "Judge not lest ye be judged". Yeshua here wasn't saying that we shouldn't judge. That would be in direct contradiction of I corinthians 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth ALL things, yet he himself is judged of no man".
So how do we reconcile this? It's pretty easy if we use just a little common sense (something that is really lacking in today's church). Yeshua wasn't saying DON'T JUDGE, that would be incredibly silly. He was saying don't judge incorrectly or unfairly. He was saying be careful in your judgments. I'm sure you've heard of someone being judged incorrectly. Someone who may have gone to prison who didn't commit the crime and they find out 10 years later he was innocent. He was judged wrongly. We have to judge all things if we are a spiritual person but we have to do so with care. If someone prophecies, we have to be patient and wait to see if the prophecy comes true. We can't just up and judge him before we even know the end result. But if the end result is wrong, then yes of course we must judge him then.
I always say... If an admitted child molester moves in next door, even if he's now Born Again, I will judge him and not allow my kids to go to his house or anywhere near him. That's my judgment.
Now your typical Christian will say the opposite... "Oh he's turned from his ways and he's a brother now, so we shouldn't judge him" and they will quote (Rom 2:1)  Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.
This is a completely backwards interpretation of this passage! This passage is about hypocrites judging others when they themselves are doing the same evil deed.
Of course we are supposed to judge and we should be good at it through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us. Now if a Believer doesn't have a good sense of judgment, then that person should go to someone who DOES have a good sense of judgment and get their input to whatever given situation until they develop more spiritually to the point when they can give good judgment themselves. If you have any tricky judgment calls you need help with, you can always write in to us here.
Rabbi Stanley

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