Hal Lindsey: False Prophet!

Let's judge Hal Lindsey by his own words:
“Now I am about to walk into the Lion’s Den. Perhaps it would be wise to follow
Churchill’s tactic when he said, ‘You know I always avoid prophesying beforehand, it is a much better policy to prophesy after the events have taken place.’”
Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth , p. 181
He should've heeded his own words.

Hal Lindsey prophecies in his book, "The Late Great Planet Earth", that the Soviet Union would be the Empire of the Anti-Christ. Well, the USSR no longer exists and now Hal Lindsey has changed his view. His prophecy did not come true. What does he say about false prophets himself?
“And Moses gave the answer -- the true test of a prophet: ‘When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word which the LORD has not spoken’ (Dueteronomy 18:22).”
Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth, p. 20

He also admitted that if it turned out he was wrong that he would be a “bum.”
So shall it be!

Hal Lindsey also prophesied that Jesus would return within 40 years of the birth of the nation of Israel (citing Matthew 24 and the budding of the fig tree). The 80's have come and gone Hal... and we're still here. I still haven't heard Hal tell anyone he's a bum.

Who is Hal Lindsey?
In 1970 Lindsey left Campus Crusade to begin the Jesus Christ Light and Power Company, a youth oriented ministry on the Los Angeles campus of the University of California (UCLA). Previous to this he had begun to compile a number of eschatologically based sermons publishing them under the title The Late Great Planet Earth later that year. The book became an overnight best seller hitting on a raw nerve of excitement concerning the close proximation of the second coming of Christ. The Late Great Planet Earth, has sold 30,000,000 copies

Hal Lindsey has continually used sensationalism to sell his writings. He’s become a very wealthy man merchandising the Word of God. On page 16 he tells us,'The Future' is big business." He knows it well. He makes fools of the gullible and deceives the masses. The money keeps rolling in. Recently he has written a new pseudo-religious rant called "Iran could ignite catastrophe" again trying to create panic and fear in the heart of the Believer. As my dad always says... "Prophecy is not designed to create fear in the Believer but rather to give us a sense of peace because we will know what's going to happen. We know where fear comes from, it comes from Satan... not G-d. Hal Lindsey is currently married to his third wife, having divorced his previous two. His third wife and church recently gave him the boot for his sexcapades.

I'll quote him again...
In his book Countdown to Armageddon, its message is obvious from the outside. Something was going to occur in the 1980’s: Tribulation and Armageddon. Reasoning to support that expectation is found on page 12, where Hal Lindsey answers a skeptic’s question: “Why do you think that all the various prophecies will come to pass during this generation?” (Note: a generation is 40 years, Lindsey agrees with that) He answered: “The answer is simple. The prophets told us that the rebirth of Israel -- no other event -- would be the sign that the countdown has begun. Since that rebirth, the rest of the prophecies have begun to be fulfilled quite rapidly. For this reason I am convinced that we are now in the unique time so clearly and precisely forecast by the Hebrew prophets"

My final judgment on Hal.... from his own book...
The only grade allowed [for a true prophet] was one of 100 percent accuracy. Anything less would doom the prophet to death by stoning, which was the method of capital punishment in those days
(Deuteronomy 13:1-11).” p. 20.

He's right, he'd have been stoned till death by now. Why do you still listen to him? Why do I still see him on television? Now by saying he’s a false prophet does that mean he’s not a nice man? No, he’s a nice enough guy. Is he Saved? Could be. He does seem to care about Israel but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a proven false Prophet. “Well, he just made a few mistakes”, you say. Well then we should look at it your way! Certainly not the way G-d sees it. Because G-d said kill the False Prophets. I think I have to go with G-d on this one, He’s usually right.

Hal Lindsey: False Prophet
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Also read the Rabbi's articles on Benny Hinn and Rick Warren
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April 19th 2009

O.K. it seems to me (correct me if I'm wrong) that you believe Christians have to uphold the Old Testament laws to be saved. In view of > Romans 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law. < What do you say? 
Now, I believe a Christian will be a better person, if they do their best to uphold the Laws of G-D. But, upholding the law wont get us into heaven. Only faith in Jesus as our L-rd and Savior, gets us into heaven. > Ephesians 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. <
I've also had a hard time convincing people that calling out false teachers and false prophets, is the right thing to do. This idea that we have to be nice to everybody so as not to offend them is absurd. If an individual is spreading lies, and prophecies they make up out of their own minds, then attributing those prophesies to G-D. Then those people are doing Satan's work. Jesus called those kind of people vipers, wolves in sheep's clothing, and said; their father was Satan the father of lies.
I don't know much about Hal Lindsay, I read one of his books a couple of years ago. The book had been written in the 1970's, I think. But from looking back over the 30 some years since it was written, I could see that a lot of what he said did not come to pass. I don't remember if he claimed it was revelation  from G-D. But I do know he was full of B.S. (or at least sadly mistaken). So I wouldn't put much faith in his ability to predict the unfolding of the end times. And, I'm sure the serpent smiled with feigned sincerity, when he tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Shalom Steve.
Thanks for writing in.
No I don't believe we are Saved by the Law. But I do believe that if you don't keep the Law that you aren't Saved. By Yeshua's own words He said, "If you love Me you will keep My Commandments". So if you don't keep them then you don't love Him and are thus not Born Again. We are Saved by grace and grace alone. People need to know that without the Law there IS NO GRACE. It's not grace or Law, it's grace AND Law. One can not receive grace if Law doesn't exist. It's not just a matter of being a better person, it's a matter that will determine your eternity. We can't just decide which laws we will or will not keep, that's why they're called "command" ments.
Yeah, I agree with you false prophets are wolves in sheep's clothing, absolutely.
Yes,Hal is full of it. At the very least people should think he's not good at his job. His job is predicting the future and he hasn't gotten any of those predictions correct. But people are still defending him as you see even here on this forum.
It's like this... if I hire a plumber to come and fix a leak and time after time he fails to fix it, I fire him. We should do the same with Hal. But most Christians don't do that. Instead, they give him millions of dollars in donations and continue to buy his books. There's a disconnect.
I enjoyed your e-mail, you seem to have your head on straight. Please write in anytime, we need more people like you.
Rabbi Stanley

April 20th 2009
I just found this article and have read through the posts, and will be checking out the rest of the site as well.  It looks like a wealth of information!  As a "recovering Christian" who now observes Torah, I love hearing more about what God is revealing to believers in these days. 
I do have a quick question for you.  Would you clarify your statement above "Yes, I believe in the Rapture of the Church but I also believe that many are going to be surprised that they didn't make it."?  To what kind of rapture are you referring?  Something along the lines of what most churches teach?  Or are you referring to Yeshua coming to take us (those who are obedient) "home" to tabernacle with Him?  I'm guessing the latter based on what I've read so far.
Thanks.  I look forward to digging through this site some more!

Shalom Phil,
Glad you are enjoying the site. Feel free to visit us anytime.
"Recovering Christian" I like that lol.
By the Rapture I mean those who love Yeshua being taken home to tabernacle with him. We know that if we love Yeshua we will keep His commandments. So if you don't keep them, you don't love Him. One can't be a law-breaker and yet want to spend eternity with the One who wrote the Law. In our Yeshiva we get more into depth concerning prophecy but I will be writing more on this site as well, stay tuned lol.
R. Stanley

I think you are on the right track with obama.I think he is trying to displace Iseral.I also think he will be more harmful to the church as bush was.they are passing laws saying good is bad and bad is good just as the word tells us.he is doing two much traviling the world trying to get everyone on hids side.just as the anti-christ will.He,s putting us so far in debt we will be owned by other nations.one day he will be trying to get all our debt forgivien.I,m afraide we are need the mark of the beast now.I feel sorry for our young people.the church is getting smaller and smaller now.people are discusted at what is happining in our land and our churches.keep up the good work.I am full gospel.I believe what the bible say is the only truth.I believe in THE FATHER_THE SON_AND THE HOLY GHOST.AMEN  

I agree that Obama is trying to displace Israel and he will be much more harmful to the Church then Bush ever was. I also agree that he's putting the U.S. further and further in debt and that will effect our children and their children.
The Church is getting smaller and smaller because people (especially young people) are seeing the holes in the Church's faulty doctrine. It's also why Messianic Judaism is growing quickly at over 1 million strong now.
I'm not sure what you mean by saying we need the Mark of the Beast now, maybe you could explain that to me. Everything else you're saying looks right though.
Shalom in Him,
R. Stanley

April 21rst 2009
I,m sorry rabbi I miss spelled the word nead,it was suppose to say I think we are near the mark of the beast.Its good hearing from you.can I ask you some question on your beliefs with you feeling like I am putting you down.I would never do thar jusr as I don,t like to be put down on my beliefs.I know the bible is our way. Lord blessw you rabbi

Ah ok, I understand now.
You can ask me anything you like. It doesn't bother me even if people do put me down, they should just be ready for my comeback lol
Shalom in Yeshua,
R. Stanley

May 4th 2009
I think a generation in prophecy, and otherwise, is 50 years. Why? Because of the Great Jubilee period wherein each generation benifited...
CW Payne

Shalom CW,
A generation is 40 years, it's widely accepted.
Rabbi Stanley

May 7th 2009
was browsing....skimmed some your posts Mr. Stanley about Hal Lindsey.

You remarked about how he is not a "prophet". Well, there is no such thing anymore after Jesus- He is the ultimate prophet. I've never heard Hal Lindsey say he declares himself to be a prophet. So, you don't make sense to me how you attack Hal on him being a "prophet".

You suggest Hal Lidsey insn't a perfect man.....you mention some sin of his. Well, that is what Lord Christ Jesus came for is to save sinners. Your not perfect either, so hope you are saved too. And, again, you make no sense to me.
I'm starting to wonder if your not jeolous of Hal Lindsey's success?

If you or anyone want to hear guidance from an expert on the Bible including about salvation, just go to : Biblelineministries.org  . Dr. Hank Lindstrom, recently passed, will explain the Bible clearly to any who has the ears to hear.

In Christ,

Kennneth M. Wilbourne Jr.

Shalom Ken,
You probably missed it because you said you were just skimming through. But I have posted before that Hal has said
"Thus saith the Lord" earlier in his career. I've heard him with my own ears. When you speak directly for G-d
concerning the future, you are "prophesying". It doesn't matter to me if anyone here hasn't heard him say that themselves.
The fact is he's still said it. Do I wish I had a recording of him saying exactly that? You bet I do.
But even though I do not have that, it's pretty clear in his books that he thinks he knows G-d's plan for the future
and he's wrong. He's made millions of dollars on (at the very least) bad calls. He said that the USSR would
be the empire of the Anti-Christ. That's impossible now even if the USSR came back by some kind of miracle.
Everything he's written about the end times is also theologically incorrect. I'd have to spend quite a bit of
time with you to go through each false prophecy he's given. But we do do that in our Bible Schools
around the world.

As far as being jealous of his success... He's not a successful prophecy teacher, he's a failure. So
I can't be jealous of that. If you're saying I'm jealous of his financial success, well, that's not
how I want to make my money. I also have articles here on Benny Hinn, Vendel Jones and Hitler, I don't want to be like them either. I'll comment more on Lindstrom later
Thanks for writing in.
Rabbi Stanley

About Lindstrom...
First, he is pre-trib, so that means all of his prophetical beliefs are already off the tracks from the start. So none of his teachings on that subject can be trusted. Also he believes in Eternal Security! So any of his other theological teachings are based on fallacies and are not to be trusted. I like the way this young man puts it on this recording. He also has Lindstrom himself recorded here saying exactly what he believes. Please listen, it is very telling.


If you are a staunch believer in Eternal Security, I will not discuss it with you here. I have too little respect for anyone who has studied this doctrine and still believes in it so don't waste your time. If you don't know much about it and want to know what it is etc, I'll be happy to expound on it.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 20th 2009

How can anyone that is suppose to be educated and suppose to know the Scriptures be so dumb?  I don't need an answer.  My answer came from the Holy Spirit. I shall pray for you Rabbi and hope that your eyes are opened to true truth and knowledge. Who left you in charge of our spirituality?  It sure wasn't our Savior Jesus Christ.

Shalom Phyllis,
Well, your "spirit" is certainly shining through lol. I thought Christians weren't supposed to call people names? Oh that's right, hypocrisy is part of your religion. That's why I don't call myself a "Christian", I'm a Jew who follows Yeshua. It's people like you, Phyllis, that give "Christians" a bad name. It's people like you who don't want to hear the answers (isn't that what you said?)
No, Phyllis I'm not in charge of your "spirituality", Satan is, at least he is of yours and I would imagine all your friends as well at the Church you attend. You know, I get many emails from people like you who are angry and call me all kinds of names. They love to tell me how full of love they are and how they are so forgiving. Doesn't that sound like you? No, you didn't say that here, but I know your type. I bet you like to pray but think the Law is done away with. I bet you don't even like to hear about the Law. That's why I have a special name for your prayers. I call them "an abomination"
"One who turns away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be an abomination."  (Pro. 28:9 NKJV)
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 20th 2009
Rabbi Stanley after reading more about you i see i was wrong to call you names, our culture difference sure made me think you were a bad guy. now i see you in a different light. there are differences,but dont hold anything against me. jr.  p.s. it ok to post whatever you like.

Shalom Jr,
Thanks, I appriciate it. You should talk to Phyllis lol (see above post).

Sept 20th 2009

Rabbi Stanley,
            I'm a fairly new born again believer (2007), but my sister has been born again for 30 years. I must give her credit for hanging in there spiritually and praying for me. I am 61 years of age and for approx 59 years I've lived as I saw fit. I did not consider myself bad or mean, I just was NOT living the life God had planned for me. So much time lost! But I know, and am grateful, that it's not how we start but rather how we finish. Sorry if I'm rambling a bit I don't know if I've ever said that to anyone. My point: I've been much influenced by my sister's beliefs and accepted her understanding to be MY understanding. I believe she truly does hear from The Lord but things I'm beginning to understand for myself are at odds. For instance, what I've read on your posts about Hal Lindsey and Rick Warren speak truth to my spirit. I've always felt uncomfortable listening to either or reading their books. As for Bennie Hinn, because my sister thinks he's very anointed, I would TRY to feel him in that same way...I couldn't. Thank you for telling the TRUTH and not being afraid to reveal it. I feel so much freer about this I'm practically beside myself. Wisdom WITH understanding...there's really no substitute for it is there? Again Rabbi Stanley, thank you for your posts. I have learned a lot from them and will continue to read with great expectation.

Shalom James, thanks for your post.
Everyone is at a different level in their walk with G-d. Some never get past the first few steps. Not all people who listen to the Benny Hinn gang are bad people. Most of them are simply deceived. I'm sure your sister is walking in the light she has but there will come a time when she'll be called out from that deception if she wants to continue on with HaShem (The Name). Hopefully it will be sooner then later.
Even though you may be a more recent Believer then she, that doesn't mean that you can't surpass her in knowledge and understanding of G-d. We're not to be haughty about our new found knowledge but express it in true humility (not the false humility one finds so prevalant in Church today)

Sept 20th 2009

Eternal Security is a fools belief Hell is full of fools who follow this.
Scripture tells us to work out our salvation with fear and shaking.
Paul said I run the race seek the prize the finish line . He said he runs this race he keep pressing on to finish to gain the prize.
He clearly stating that as a runner runs a race he must keep believing for the prize the finish .He must state the coarse until the end our lose the race.
Eternal Security is a fools belief many use to sin so what I am forgiven.
Shall we who now have grace therefore now use grace as a excuse to sin.
If" "we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins"
Yet those in the Eternal Security often say they don't ever sin anymore
be of Eternal Security. Hmmmmm so they never ask for forgiveness ....


Shalom Dan,
So I take it you're saying that Eternal Security is a fools belief lol?
Yes it really is. Let's look at it for a moment.

2 Thessalonians 2 (New King James Version)
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition.

"perdition" in Greek is "apolia". It means "loss" and "apostate". It's also found in Acts 21:21 (you can check it in an interlinear here at http://www.scripture4all.org/OnlineInterlinear/NTpdf/act21.pdf
An apostate is someone who turns away from the faith, that's it's definition. So the Bible wouldn't use a word that doesn't really have any meaning would it? So there is such a thing as an apostate. Even if we use the word "loss", eternal security doesn't work because you can't "lose" something you never had!
Yeshua didn't say, "I kept the eleven you gave me but the twelfth one, which I never had in the first place, was lost". No! He said, John 17:12 "While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. None has been lost except the one doomed to destruction so that Scripture would be fulfilled.". He had him and he LOST him.
Eternal Security is a licence to sin. Say a little sinners prayer and then live like the Devil, it's all good. That's the idea behind it. Let me tell you something else. This theology is attributed to John Calvin. It is said that he's the one who was enlightened with this revelation. I did my thesis in Bible School on Calvin and a friend of mine (fluent in 16th century Latin) and I went through Calvin's "Institutes of the Christian Religion" which is where he writes about this. Although I'm not a fan of Calvin (he was a murderer and anti-Semite) he never once teaches the "once Saved always Saved doctrine". NOT ONCE!. What he does say is this... "If you had the faith of Abraham, you could never turn away from God". It is from this quote that the Eternal Security doctrine was born. I agree with him here. If you were as close to G-d as Abraham, I don't think you could turn away from Him. G-d only calls one man in the Bible His "friend" and that was Abraham. Abraham was so close to G-d like no man will ever be again, he'd seen His glory and had such a humble attitude that it would be beyond him to leave G-d. Would it have been possible? Yes, he always had free will. But it never would've happened and THIS is what Calvin was trying to say. It was theologians much later who twisted Calvin's words to mean something else. As much as I don't like Calvin, he wasn't an idiot and he knew the Greek word "apolia" did in fact exist in the New Testament.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 20th 2009

I am all about speaking against false teachers yet you error greatly when you bring up russia guess what Russia is the rebirth super power ...

Hal is more about see the signs and trying to read them in light of scripture.

We are clearly near Jesus return and scripture tells us to be watching the signs like a sailor watches the sky ...

I just don't think you can throw in in with those like Benny Hinn and Rick Warren
and joyce meyer and copeland .....

Shalom Dan,
I'm not in error at all. Dan. 11:44 says "But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many." Now look at a map. What is north of Russia? NOTHING! It's all snow and ice. Who's going to trouble him? The Eskimos? Give me a break! The AC comes from Assyria and he rules Turkey. Look at a map again. If you go north of Israel where do you arrive? TURKEY! Josephus, the ancient Historian says Meshek and Tubil are now called Galatia. Look once more on a map, where is Galatia? It's now called "Turkey"! Russia is not the Empire of the Anti-Christ.
Do you know why idiot prophecy teachers say Meshek and Tubil are in Russia? Because Meshek sounds like Moscow and Tubil sounds like Tublesk, Russia. This is their great "thinking". "Duh, it sounds like Moscow duh" and all the people go.... "duh".

Hal doesn't try to read signs in light of Scripture, don't be naive. He's trying to interpret from the mindset of western politics of this time. You can't do that, you have to interpret from the point of view from the writer and his time, not your own. Hal is trying to sensationalize the Scripture and turn a buck from it. Wise up!
Also, a false prophet is a false prophet, they all go together in my book.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 20th 2009

dear sir..you stated in a reply to an enquirer that you believe salvation is of grace and law..I am curious as to how much law and how much grace you need to keep..the law if I am correct was a schoolteacher to bring the jew to an exposing of his sin...also keeping the law"moses law" "jewish law" or whatever law is a works thing...salvation is NOT of works lest we boast..besides god did say if you look upon a woman to lust after her you are guilty of breaking the whole law..tell me then dear sir  how can you or I or anyone repair a broken law? once broken it is broken...as for keeping gods commandments you know as well as I do that adulteres are not stoned today..was jesus then guilty of breaking his own commandment when the woman was taken in the very act of adultry?..according to your thinking he HAD to be guilty..please explain to me how he did that then is proclaimed sinless...sin btw IS a transgression of the law is it not?..if he transgressed the law then how is he a sinless saviour?...I really have to ask you this though..why do you as a messianic jew still enslave yourself to the traditions passed down through the ages? and why can you not see the utter futility in overmuch concern about dietary law as such"this is a works thing as well"...I like most of what you say  but this issue is somewhat a revelation to me..if salvation is of grace then it is ALL of grace..then if by LAW it is ALL of law.can't have it both ways my friend..god doesn't split the death of his sons merit as redeemer with any law..it is christ who is justified and justifies sinners NOT the law...as you can see  I take issue with your "MIXTURE"  this is a legalistic issue read galations again ..consider it .was paul a liar....

as a footnote so to speak the incredulity of many professed christians supporting hal lindsey is amazing..I guess good judgement and common sense are lost on most of gods "supposedly" people..didn't mean to be so long winded but your belief system doesn't adhere to my understanding and interpretation of the scripture...otherwise np

have a wonderful day in christ..

Shalom Bob,
I know Christians panic when they hear the word "Law". But still try to hear what I'm saying. I never have said and never will say we are Saved by the Law. What I do say is "We are Saved by grace." What you're missing is that after we are Saved we HAVE to follow G-d's Laws. You are the one who uses words and phrases incorrectly. The Laws of G-d are not "Moses' Law" or the "Laws of the Jews". Who gave those Laws? G-d did! They aren't from Moses or from the Jews. You also don't understand what "legalism" means. Legalism does NOT mean that one follows G-d's Laws. Do you keep the Ten Commandments? I assume you keep some of them. Those are some of G-d's Laws. So by YOUR definition, YOU are a legalist! No, a legalist is someone who thinks they can be Saved by the Law and by the Law alone. I'll tell you something else that you don't have a clue about: No one was EVER Saved by the Law. In the Old Testament they were NOT Saved by Law but by G-d's grace. Scripture says that Abraham was Saved by what? FAITH! Not by WORKS. C'mon, think about it. It's always been about a heart motivation NOT by what we do.
I wont address the rest of your email, it's just too much nonsense.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 20th 2009
FINALLY!!!  Sorry about the "screaming caps", but it is so refreshing to find some teaching that makes sense!  Oh, I got so excited I forgot to say Hello, so, hello! 

The post that I was reading that pushed me over the edge and made me comment was the one on eternal security.  First, a little about myself.  I am male, 44 and married.  I taught Sunday school in a Southern Baptist church for 7 years.  (personal info. ommited)

During my personal study time in the Bible, I frequently encountered problems with the theology being taught and preached.  However, I find that I have that with all of the main stream denominations that I have visited.  I have a major problem with the eternal security teaching.  Simply stated, 1 John 2:4 He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him.  There is a huge difference between judging the fruits of ones labors, and having a legalistic attitude and view.  As you have alluded to, legalism will kill the soul.  However, it is of the utmost importance that we call sin, sin and not water it down.  Currently I attend a *gasp* Methodist church.  I have problems with much of the theology here as well.  However, in my small town, there are not any good options in my opinion (well, except for staying home and doing it myself). 

You hit the nail on the head, we saved by grace, through faith not by works lest anyone should boast.  I personally think the message of Gideon is related to this teaching.  Gideon was told that he had to many soldiers, because their hearts would believe that they had done it themselves, and not G-d. 

The only real question I have at this moment, is, any suggestions on a G-dly church to attend in East Central Ohio?

Thank you so much for your willingness to stand in the line of fire to "tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth"!

John C.

Shalom John,
Glad you enjoyed the article. Pleased check out the other articles on the site and let me know what you think.
We have to tell it like it is. Pastors refuse to because they're afraid they'll lose members and they certainly would lose most of their people. Our congregations are small and I don't expect them to ever get big. If you want the numbers, water down sin as you said and the people will flock to you. Get rid of the Old Testament altogether and you're on your way to a megachurch. The funds will be there and Satan will make sure you have the best building in town. If you can throw in some anti-Semitism... well you're gonna get that Christmas bonus! Sad but true.
Legalism is relatively new to Judaism, it started in the first century from a small group of Jews who were introducing this new theology. Paul saw the destruction it would cause his people in the following generations and spoke against it often in the Brit Hadasha (New Testament). It was never believed in the Old Testament, all Jews knew they were Saved by faith in G-d because they read the Old Testament unlike most Christians today. They also knew "the Law was written on their hearts" and wrote about it in the Mishna (Oral Law) which dates to the First Century. I know Christians like to think that the "written on hearts" idea was a Christian invention, but it wasn't, it was Jewish. So was baptism (mikvah in Hebrew) so was communion (it's called Pasach in Hebrew which means Passover). Christianity had very few "new" things until the second century when they flooded it with paganism, none of that was Jewish.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 24th 2009
Hal Lindsey is so pro-Israel and so pro-Yeshua our Messiah, that to speak against Hal Lindsey would classify you, Rabbi Stanley, as Anti-Semetic. Shalom.

Thanks Paul for writing in, I'm glad you did.
Paul here is a good example of how we can go too far the other way into nonsense. Just because Hal says good things about Israel from time to time doesn't justify his being a false prophet or false teacher. Bill Clinton often said good things about Israel, but that didn't make him a righteous man. Paul here probably doesn't like Bill Clinton and has said bad things about him. If so, Paul is a hypocrite. I can't prove this about Paul, but I can prove from his comment that he has very little understanding of what an anti-Semite is. According to his deffinition if a Jew (me) says anything negative about someone who is pro-Israel they are an anti-Semite. In that case, the thousands of Jews I've seen arguing with each other and calling each other names in Israel, they are ALL anti-Semites. Now isn't that absurd? Paul, think about what you say or write before you do it ok? Then people wont think you're such a "dult".
Also Paul, leave your e-mail address so I can respond to you. It's cowardly not to. Only I use or see these addresses.
Rabbi Stanley

Sept 25th 2009
Thanks for the heads up Rabbi; very interesting that a Rabbi should be called anti-semetic; maybe Paul should understand of what nation or group a Rabbi is ministering to before he comments ignorantly. Shalom

Shalom Pam,
Welcome to the Mosaic Website. Feel free to post anytime.
R. Stanley

Mr. Stanley,

I will be praying for Jesus to open your eyes...your words do not in any way represent the love of Christ and you genuinely enjoy the debate and seem bent on confusing born again Christians.

I will not debate because I know the Truth and that Truth lives in me eternally and no man's words can take it from me - not even you.

Absolute Love in Christ,

Shalom D,
I can understand how the truth would confuse someone in delirium. If one has lived in a fantasy world for so long, they begin to believe all the lies they've told themselves over the years. When the truth then faces them head on, they are destabalized and must reinforce themselves by thinking that they are the ones full of love and not the one who speaks the truth. Well you are indeed full of something, but it's not love D. Unfortunatly, you don't even know what absolute love in Christ is either. Yeshua was clear when He said, "If you love Me, you'll keep My commandments". That is the only way we can understand true love, through Him. Since you don't keep His commandments you can't expierence absolute love in Christ. Satan is a tricky one, he's got millions of people who think they are serving G-d even though they are not keeping His Laws. He's got people like D here who think they understand the love of G-d when they only understand human love (if that). Humanity will do whatever it can to NOT keep G-d's Laws, even convince themselves that they are keeping them when they actually are not. Yes, I wont convince you D, just like Abraham said, even the dead couldn't come back and convince you since you've ignored the Prophets of old.
Rabbi Stanley

Oct 2, 2009
Rabbi __stanley after reading more about you i see i was wrong to call you names, our culture difference sure made me think you were a bad guy. now i see you in a different light. there are differences,but dont hold anything against me. jr.  p.s. it ok to post whatever you like.

Thanks James,
I appreciate your honesty. No hard feelings,
Rabbi Stanley
Oct 5, 2009
Hal Linsey can not be a false prophet because a false prophet can not say that Jesus Christ is the true son of G_D and is the only way to salvation.
Hal can make serious mistakes just like the rest of us. Each time Hal made a prediction he trully believed he had the evidence to back what he said, as we know his research did NOT come true.
No onw will know the day or the hour, each of us has our own way to understand scripture, the more we study the more we convince ourselves we are seeking the truth only to discover truth has no finally answer.
Hal is one of many who seeks the truth, like others, Hal is reaching  million's of people with his words.
I have not heard one TV Pastor who has not made serious errors in their preaching.
It is easy to accuse, it is more difficult to stand before millions and firmly state what you believe and stand accountable for what you say.
We find what we look for in others.
I recently discovered in my own study; I somewhat agree with Hal about the year 2012. If what I believe is close to the truth, Yeshua will make an appearence on or before 2012. (within the next 40 months.)
TODAY also works for me.

Shalom Larry,
Even the demons know that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Son of G-d. How in the world do you think that the knowledge of that excludes someone from being a false prophet? Also,what kind of churches are you going to where the Pastors make all these serious mistakes? You need to find a new neighborhood!

You can't excuse false prophets. If we were to do so, then G-d wouldn't have told the children of Israel to kill
them. Is G-d wrong and you, Larry, are right? Are you, Larry, more compassionate then G-d Almighty? No,
you're not, you're just Larry who needs to study the Bible more and realize that prophecy teachers are held to a higher calling. They CAN'T make huge mistakes. This is not a "huge mistakes" kind of work. Yes, people are human but you can't have a guy who makes HUGE MISTAKES working the nuclear reactor. If you think  it's ok for anyone and everyone to make huge mistakes, then I'd like to try out my brain surgery skills on you. Oh now all of a sudden being correct DOES matter?

You wrote: "it is more difficult to stand before millions and firmly state what you believe and stand accountable for what you say."  There's 2 things wrong with this. First he's not BEING ACCOUNTABLE!!!
Second, yeah it must be real tough getting millions of dollars to be on TV. Paris Hilton is a hero!

Wake up Larry, you're being bamboozled by Hal.

Rabbi Stanley

Oct 10, 2009

You say that you were a "pastor" before you became a "Rabbi."  You are deluded.  You are not now, nor have you ever been either.

I told you Hal to quit writing in, yeah I know it's you! It's the same time every week, right after you finish watching Spongebob Square Pants (you call it "prophetic research"). lol
Rabbi Stanley

STOP!!....Judging all of Hal Linsey's (wrongings)
--> Who are we to judge? <--
Let our LORD Judge him at the "Beama Seat of CHRIST" for (wood, stubble and hay.)
So what if he's gotten Prophetical dates wrong.
Hal Linsey is still our Brother in CHRIST.

So NO More accusing of all the (wrong datings) and stuff.
That's JESUS's job to do. To correct Hal.

Enough said  : )


Shalom Steve,
Like many Christians you think we shouldn't judge others. You no doubt base this on Yeshua's words "Judge not lest ye be judged". Yeshua was not saying here not to judge anyone. If He was then the Apostle Paul was a liar! Paul said “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things.” (1Cor 2:15). All through the Bible  we are told to speak out against false prophets. Even others in our own Churches who are doing wrong, we're supposed to go to them in private then if he/she doesn't listen we are then to take him before the whole Church. You know this passage right? So how can you tell Believers not to judge? Of course we're supposed to Judge! If a child rapist moves next door, you bet I'm judge him too and keep my kids away from him. If the rapist gets "Saved" I'm STILL gonna keep my kids away from him. You can say "Don't judge him, that's Jesus' job" all you want but that shows you have no discernment. If you can't judge properly, then don't, leave it those who have good discernment but don't try and stop them from doing as the Bible says and judging all things.

OCT 20 2009
God said no-one is without sin!  Oh! Maybe you are! That is what gives you the right to condem someone else, like Hal Lindsey!

I don't want you to condemn or judge anyone. You know why? Because you're not spiritual. "1 Corinthians 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man."
Because you are void of discernment and common sense, you need to leave judgments to people who do posses those G-dly traits. Stay in the background and keep quiet or your lack of wisdom will be seen like it is now... shhhhhhh.
Rabbi Stanley

GOD is the ONLY ONE to judge and HE is the ONLY ONE that knows whom is whom.
Thank you for judging me.

I have absolutely judged you, make no mistake. Read my article "I'm Going To Judge You" at Searchwarp at http://searchwarp.com/swa413705.htm
I do not hide that I judge people, I do that because I'm spiritual. You are not... so please don't judge anyone. You don't have the gift or ability and the more you write here the more you expose the lack of judgement you have. That's why I said it's better for you to say nothing and not be heard. Leave the judgment calls to those who have some common sense, they are better at it.
We don't want people like you to judge anything, you can't even tell that Hal is a false Prophet and that's an easy one! How much more difficult it would be for you to exercise some real discernment in a complicated case? You see, you'd be way out of your league. Really, it's best for you to be quiet and try to learn from others.
Rabbi Stanley

OCT 24 2009
my wife and i watch your program every time you come once a week. i must confess that we can not send offerings right now. my wife wants to know if you are related to her her fathers name was earnest lindsey. my wifes maiden name is loretta lindsey please let her know if you arekin
Shalom Anthony,
I'm not Hal Lindsey. This is a website that exposes Hal as a False Prophet. I'm glad you're not sending him any money. Come visit us again.
Rabbi Stanley

I wont waste anymore of your valuable time.I grant you I am not a pastor or such,
but I probably have more in my little finger then you have in your heart. It is
a shame if you are a Rabbi or? That you waste time on Hal or such instead of bringing more to

You are set in your deception, I've dealt with many people like you before and there is no getting through to you. Yes, I am a busy man so you and I will end here.
Rabbi Stanley

I will PRAY for you! You need it
Joane Michigan

Proverbs 28:9 (King James Version)
9He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his (her) prayer shall be an abomination.
Rabbi Stanley

Good evening,

I've just two questions.
Will the temple be build soon in Jerusalem?
Who will be the false prohet in Israel,'the king of Sion'?

Shalom Jan,
Thanks for writing in.
The Temple will be rebuilt, but I don't think this will happen any time soon. Believers since the First Century have believed that Yeshua would soon return. Even the Disciples believed that and look at how well they knew Yeshua and His teachings.
As time goes on I am leaning more and more towards the belief that He is not coming in our generation or even within a few generations after us. Many Christians think we are SUPPOSED to believe that He's coming soon and will even question one's Salvation if they DON'T believe that because they think the Bible teaches we are supposed to believe that He is indeed coming soon. What the Bible actually says is "Live in hope that He is coming soon". I do hope He is but I think we as Believers come off as liars to the un-Saved when we tell them He's coming in our generation time and time again and it never happens. Many Believers also point to various happenings and events and are convinced these are the birth pangs of the Last Days. Some even say, "Well it can't get any worse, this has to be it!!!". The fact is it CAN get much worse. I've traveled the world over many times and I can guarantee you it can get much worse here in the US then most can even imagine. It could get as bad as Sodom and Gomorrah here where a man couldn't even walk out of his house for fear of being raped. Now, that could happen is some of our cities here in the US even today, but it could get like that in many more cities and towns. The vast majority of people in the U.S. today have no idea what-so-ever how bad things could really get here.
I'm not sure who you mean by King of Sion. In the King James Version, each time it is spelled that way and mentions a King it is talking about G-d. Different translations would give a different meaning. We do not know who the False Messiah is but it is NOT the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ says he is God Almighty. The False Messiah says he is the Messiah and he is Jewish (the A.C. is not as Jew). The Abomination of Desolation represents the false Holy Spirit. These three are the false triune G-d.
Hope this helps,
Rabbi Stanley

NOV. 6, 2009
Shalom Rabbi Stanley,I realy enjoy this site and your words of teaching.I do NOT have any disagreements with you at all.I belive you are teaching the truth and are a true man of G-d.The Peace and Blessings to you and yours this Holiday Season.

Thanks Roy,
I appreciate your kind words. Good to hear from others of a like mind and spirit. Come back anytime and comment on the other articles here at Mosaic Ministries.
Shalom beHaShem (Peace in The Name)
Rabbi Stanley

I've recently stumbled upon your website and although I don't think I'm Jewish
in my ancestry, (I don't know of anyone who has done a complete study of our family tree ) I am
definitely not anti-semitic. I am a white man and I'm married to a black woman and we have
bi-racial children. I have never been prejudice against any race that I know of. I consider
myself a christian not by my righteousness but by the righeousness of my saviour Yeshuah.
I have never read the Hal Lindsey's book ("Late Great Planet Earth") so I don't know if
what you are saying about him is true or not, and that is not the reason for my response.
I'm only curious of your theology and your basic understandings of scripture. Some of your
comments trouble me a bit, and again I'm not here to ridicule you just to understand exactly
what you mean. In your statement above to Steve "it's grace And the law" I get the impression
you are stating that after a person is saved,
that person has the capability to obey the law in it's entirety (it would have to be in it's
entirety because if one law is broken you have transgressed the whole law). Yeshuah gave us
the most important mitzvot in the Torah in Mattityahu 22:37-40 when he said you are to love
Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. This
is the greatest and most important mitzvah. And a second is similar to it, you are to love
your neighbor as yourself. All of the Torah and the prophets are dependent on these two mitzvot
Complete Jewish Bible). Now maybe you are more powered by the Ruach HaKodesh more than myself,
but I fail the first commandment daily because in no way do I think that I can truly say that
I love, do, commit, trust, and obey Yahweh to the utter most ability of my strength (I also
have never met anyone that I think can get this one right). Even Kefa after walking with
Yeshuah for 3 years turned his back on him by denying him, and
  out of all the brave talmidim that was so close to him only Yochanan was brave enough
to go to the stake at Gulgolta with the women to witness the sacrifice. I do not consider
myself an expert on the scriptures but I am about to complete my third time through the
entire bible reading sometimes three to four different translations and two different
commentary's (William McDonald's and David Sterns).
I would like to know how you discern Galatians 2:16-5:26 and if you honestly believe
that you or anybody else can keep the law in its entirety after being saved. Everything
I've read seems to teach that with the power of the Holy Spirit we are to strive to
obey the commandments relying on the word of God to strengthen us each day and the more
we immerse ourselves in the word of God (yes the whole word) the more we are enabled to
obey the commandments of Jesus.
I listen to alot of differnt teachers, rabbis, pastors, and clergy and have built a
safety net around myself based on the word of God to try and discern everything I'm
told. I have read most of the articles on your site except for some that will not
open up (geo-cities will not allow) and although very informative is still not
deliberate in explaining your discernment on key issues that you comment about extensively:
   (1) do you believe that a person is only saved if he obeys all the
       commandments and expound on your answer please
   (2) you state that pre-tribulation prohetical beliefs are off track, can you
       expound on why you believe that and expound on what exactly do you
       believe about the catching away of the saints.
   (3) the Sabbath has alway's confused me but could you expound on how you
       discern Colossians 2:13-17. Although I go to church on Sunday I've never
       been quiet satisfied that I'm doing right. I've studied both sides and
       at one time was going to observe the Sabbath with messianic jews and 
       still go to church on Sunday.
   (4) the arguments for eternal security and aganinst eternal security are alot
       like the arguments for the election and pre-destination of God in his
       sovereignty verses the free-will of man. There are alot of scriptue that
       seems to support both sides and I would like to know your discernment on
       these doctrines and why you believe what you believe
I have a hunderd more questions to ask you but I understand that my request is a lengthy one and
If you would respond to these it is a start that will aid myself in the quest for the whole
truth in God's Word. Again I am not trying to ridicule you but only understand your
discernment of Yeshuah's teachings.
Thank You for your patience and time.

Shalom Wade,
Thanks for writing in.
There is a misunderstanding concerning the verse in James
"For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."
This passage is not saying that we shouldn't keep G-d's laws. Let's get right down to it...
The idea behind the theology that we shouldn't keep the law with this passage as
evidence is this: If we can't keep ALL the law then why keep any of it?". This idea does not
bear out. The Ten Commandments are part of the Law. So why don't we keep consistent and say,
"I can't keep one of the Ten Commandments so why should I keep any of it?" What a great plan
Satan has with this idea. He's saying to himself that if he can get a Christian to break just
one of the commandments then they will feel there's no need to keep the rest of them.
They're missing the whole point. This passage and others like it are saying if we break
even one law we still have to repent. It doesn't matter if you're keeping all the other laws,
you still have to repent for the one you broke. It is NOT saying that you should not try to
keep ALL of G-d's Laws and Commandments. Yeshua Himself gave us Laws. Should we not keep
those either because we've broken one of them?

Where does this idea come from that "we shouldn't even keep any of the laws because if we broke
one, we might as well not keep any of them because it's just as if we broke them all"?
This idea comes from people who don't WANT to keep any of G-d's laws in the first place.
It's an easy out... "Well, I don't have to keep the law because the BIBLE says that if I
break one, I've broken them all so why bother" Do you see the danger in that kind of
attitude towards G-d's Holy Laws? If we're not supposed to keep His Commandments then why on Earth
did Yeshua say, "If you love Me you'll keep My Commandments"? See it doesn't make any sense.
This is all because of a false theology that teaches that the Old Testament has been done away with.
This theology doesn't understand that G-d's Commandments are GOOD for us. Law means Torah in
Hebrew and Torah means "instruction". The Torah is G-d's instructions for us.

Have you ever had some instruction from a person and it was not good instruction? Well the Torah is
PERFECT instruction to us from The Almighty who created us. It's always good instruction every time.
The Disciples kept the Law even AFTER His death and resurection so what makes us think we don't need to?
Could it be laziness and a desire to serve the flesh rather then G-d? Of course it is. Westerners think
of the Law as a book of rules. But it isn't a book of rules at all, it's a book of how to live a good,
healthy and happy life that grows us closer to Him.

We are Saved by grace, we always have been even before Yeshua. The Bible says that Abraham was
Saved by faith. It doesn't say he was Saved by works! But after we get saved we have to follow
His instructions, His Laws. Think about it, we can't get saved and then go kill someone
(break one of G-d's Laws) and still think we are Born Again. We get saved then we keep His Commandments.

All the laws are based on the fact that the L-rd is One and we must love our neighbor. That doesn't
mean there aren't any other laws! It just means all the other laws are based on this fact. For example:
I can't beat my wife then tell her I love her. If I love her I will not beat her right? I'm kind
to her and show her that I love her by telling her so and helping her and doing what I can to be
a good husband. Love is the base of my relationship with her but that doesn't mean I can skip
everything else. Love is the base and that's what Yeshua was saying. BTW Yeshua was simply quoting Rabbi Hillel who had said that years before Him.

Look none of us are perfect but the Walk we have with Yeshua means we are to try our best everyday.
If and when we fail we can't claim this passage in James as an excuse. Or say, "For all have sinned,
the Bible says so, I'm not gonna make the Bible a liar!". No! We say, "G-d, I have broken your Law
and I am guilty. Please forgive me and help me not to commit this particular sin again. I claim
Yeshua's blood and I trust that it has made me white as snow." This passage in James and others like
it are not an excuse to break the commandments Yeshua gave us.

No, I can't keep all of G-d's Laws in their entirety or absolutely perfectly, but I will die trying Amen.
I certainly will not point people away from keeping the Law. Yeshua said anyone who teaches others to
do so will be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. Pastors who stress passages such as this
one in James and expound on it in such a way as to make G-d's Commandments void will have to answer
for their ignorance or rebellion.

So no, we're not Saved by keeping the law. But if one doesn't keep the Law, they aren't truly Saved.

Pre-trib is off track because the Bible never says we wont see tribulation. In fact Revelations 7 says
13And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?
14And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of Great Tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Only Believers are washed in the Blood of the Lamb! So, if we do go through the Great Tribulation but
Bible teachers don't see that, then the rest of their eschatology will be off... and it is.

Colossians 2:13-17... This passage was written to Jewish Believers. It's telling us to not let Gentile
pagans judge us for keeping kosher or keeping Sabbath. We need to keep doing it no matter what they say.
ALL the First Church kept kosher Eusebius even confirms it saying all the Nazerenes kept the Law.
Epiphanius also says "But these did not call themselves Christians – but
“Nazarenes”. They use not only the New Testament but the Old Testament as well, as the Jews do…They
have no different ideas, but confess everything exactly as the Law proclaims it and in the Jewish fashion."

The first Church had it right and that is what we should all strive towards today.

As far as once saved always saved... Calvin never taught this doctrine. The Baptists think he taught it,
but he never did. What he says in Latin is this... "If a person knew God as well as Abraham did, they
could never turn away from Him". And I understand his point and I agree with him. But the Baptists
have twisted this to mean that no one can ever turn away from Him once they've been Saved. But that's
not what Calvin said. I have many other problems with Calvin's theology, but not on this point.

As long as you're respectful, I will answer any other questions you have. If I missed any here,
just let me know.
Rabbi Stanley

MARCH 25TH 2010
Shalom everyone,
Sorry I haven't been able to respond in a while, it's been a busy time. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I've also been working hard with our Yeshivas (Bible Schools) world wide.
I'll try to answer some comments and questions now.
Rabbi Stanley

That was great writing about Hal Lindsey.

I appreciate you writing in, come visit us anytime.
Rabbi Stanley

you were right, Hal Lindsey is a money grubbing false teacher.
my apologies, they almost all are, it would seem.

Shalom Katie,
I don't see your previous post, sorry if it got lost.
It seems you've seen the light though so I'm happy for you.
Yes, most of them are money grubbing false teachers, it's sad. There are some good ones out there but they don't have the PR and the recognition they deserve. They are usually poor and don't have the funds for an editor.  I'm not a prophecy teacher myself but I know enough Bible to be able to spot the fakes out there. That doesn't mean I don't study prophecy and understand what I consider the basics. Unfortunately most Christians don't even know the basics themselves.
Here's a couple fundamentals.
1. G-d loves the Jews and He loves Israel. Any prophecy that doesn't apply this rule can only amount to ruin.
2. If a prophetic outline isn't understood from Hebraic concepts... it will fail.
3. If the prophecy teacher feels that the Church has usurped any "forever" promises made by G-d... his  
   teachings are of no value.
4. If the teaching strikes fear into the heart of the true Believer, the spirit in which it's given must be called
    into question
5. If the teacher is retarded or wanted for numerous federal crimes... turn off CBN.
Rabbi Stanley

what do you think of jack van impe?

Shalom Mathew,
He believes in the "New World Order" and that it will come under the power of the Anti-Christ. However, the Anti-Christ will NOT rule the word. The problem is that Revelation 13 7and 8 says,

"And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

8And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

Wow! Sounds like all the world right? But the Bible also says in Luke 2:1

"And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed"

Wow! Did all the world pay taxes to Caesar? No, no they didn't. So is the Bible a lie? No, there's a problem in Greek with the word "all". It means in Luke and also in this passage of Revelation "all the world under his control".

We know how many nations the A.C. rules, the Bible tells us in Dan. 7:20
and concerning the ten horns that [are] in its heads, and of the other that came up, and before which three have fallen, even of that horn that hath eyes, and a mouth speaking great things, and whose appearance [is] great above its companions.

There's 10 nations that he rules. There's a lot more then 10 nations in the world isn't there?. The Bible also tells us this...
Daniel 11:41 (King James Version)

41He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

So right there we see he doesn't rule the whole world. Edom, Moab and Ammon escape. Do you know what country that is? It's little Jordan! Impe is trying to tell me that this powerful Anti-Christ is taking over the whole world but can't take little ol Jordan???

The Bible continues and says he gets trouble from the North and from the East! East of that area lies most of the world's population (India and China for starters).

There will be no one world order my friends and Impe is a fraud.
Rabbi Stanley

"YOU are a false prophet-----read Ist John, in the Bible (God's Word) If you
don't beleive Jesus, died for your sin, and rose from the died, three days later, and Is GOD!! himself. I pray for you, feel sorry for you.

Shalom David,
I believe that Yeshua died for our sins and rose from the "died" (as you put it) 3 days later and is G-d. So... what's your argument?
Rabbi Stanley

Dear Rabbi Stanley,
Shalom! Peace to You! I just found your website and read through some of the responses and questions. It is quite provocative and enlightning to say the least. I am a born again christian, a true gentile grafted to the Jewish tree with Jeshua as the base of that tree. I love Jewish people through all of the world and I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem 3 times a day. I support the Jewish Rabbi's I see on christian T.V. with the little bit of money I have to use. I am disabled with a brain injury(for life) and on SSD forever-until my Messiah, my Jeshua comes back to change me (I will be part of the Bride of Christ )when the rapture happens. I look up everyday for His return! Praise God and His Son!
I am a follower and believer of the one Hal Lindsy. I have his book "The Late Great Planet Earth and his follow up book to that as well. I have read his books several times including the most recent book about "The Vanishings" regarding the rapture. My father was a Berean bible teacher and an ordained Pentecostal minister. I have been a christian my entire life and I read the bible(the scripture) everyday.
Now,I am one that has truly experienced the love of God many times in my life and truly He has not only healed me of very serious illnesses over the years including my closed head injury in 2008(I was to be blind from my injury, but I am not. Praise God!) He has given me the ability to speak in tongues and to impart these divine messages given by the Holy Spirit to others. I have been praying in a language like Hebrew from the age of 32 years. I know it is from God as other people in the body(the church) have interpreted these messages for me. The Lord God has gifts for all of us to use for his glory here on earth in these last days that we live in. Do not fear or be perplexed Rabbi Stanley, as these things must come to pass before Jeshua comes in the Rapture and we hear the trumpet sound of God in heaven.
I have read the Scriptures over and over through my life and have tested the spitits snd the word of God to check on these last day teachers like Hal Lindsey.Hal may not be perfect (None of us are perfect. That is why we are saved by grace and the remission of our sins and by the blood of Jeshua on the cross at Calvary), but he does reveal end time events occuring before our eyes, everyday. He has God working through The Holy Spirit as he teaches and asks all belivers and non-belivers to test the word of God in scripture and to pray, pray, pray for all things-everyday. Now, does this make him a so called "False Prophet" Rabbi Stanly or does it make him a teacher of the Word of God (literally) amd someone trying to save and inspire people to come to Christ Jesus before it is too late? You tell me Rabbi. I would love to hear your response.
Hal Lindsey is a born again christin and he does not capitalize or pray upon those people that are less informed about how "The Holy Spirit" works in the life of a true beliver of Jeshua. Pray for Jerusalem, Shalom. Love, Paula

Shalom Paula,
First I have a question for you. Is the Holy Spirit ever wrong? If not, then how can He be giving incorrect theology to Hal? Two possibilities here. One is that the Holy Spirit is confused and doesn't follow His own words in Scripture and the other is that Hal isn't speaking through the Holy Spirit. I'm opting for the later.
As I've previously mentioned, ALL his eschatology is incorrect (I say "all" in the broad sense).
Now, if you truly pray for Israel, I am grateful for that and please continue to pray for her. But I do have to question your discernment even though you've given me your spiritual resume' here. Hal's writings are trash really and the spiritual people I know see right through it as do I. So, where does that leave us? Either you have better discernment then I do or I have better discernment then you do when it comes (at least) to prophecy. If you want to keep pumping money to him by buying his books, then that's your choice. I know some people who love to read Harlequin novels, that's their choice so have at it :-)
Rabbi Stanley

Dear Rabbi Stanley
Do you think it matters if we use the 25th of Dec. as his birthday? as the Bible is pretty vague about the correct day. This is meant as no disrespect, I just wonder about the millions off folks over the years that have used this day as his birthday. Also when I ask the question, what I am asking, is do you think the lord would care? Even if some folks in the long ago used it as a cult holiday. We are after all just Yeshua loving folks. the gift practice in my opinion has gotten way out of hand.
God bless you. Bob

Shalom Bob,
It's an honest question.
I do believe it is important to understand G-d's appointed times.
It's not just about when He was born, I think G-d's appointed times
have a much larger scope.
I think we should all learn to live with the awareness of His
appointed times always before us. It says in Hebrews 9:27 that
the time of our death is appointed. The day of His return is
appointed and the resurection of the dead is set (Matt 24:35).
Each of us has an appointment before the judgment seat to give
account of how we lived (II Cor 5:10) With these appointed times
in mind, every day and every hour should be lived thoughtfully,
righteously and energetically.
The Feasts of the L-rd are also called His "appointed times". It's
clear He expects us to do them when He says. The Sabbath is also an
appointed time and in Scripture it was declared by G-d Himself
that if someone worked during that exact time, they were to be taken
out and killed.
So yes, I'd have to say it's very important that we get our dates
straight. Though we may have a laid back opinion on the matter, G-d
does not. If it were up to me, I'd say it's no big deal, but my ways
are not His.
Hope this helps,
Rabbi Stanley

Hi Rabbi
Just me again.  More questions, I notice when speaking of our lord you write G-d. Have I offended you when I spell out God? And do you practice the Jewish faith as well as Christian faith?  I love the Jews as I do the Christians, I am however finding it pretty hard to tell just who are Christians and who are not. I am reading a lot about false teachers and the things they teach. Is it ok if I keep asking you questions from time to time? thank you for your quick response. Bob

Shalom Bob,
No problem at all, ask any questions you like. Today I happen to be at the computer a lot but my replies aren't always as prompt as I'd like them to be.

For me, it's no problem for me to write out the name of God. However, I write to a lot of Jews who are not Believers and it would offend them if I spelled it out completely... so I'm in the habit of using the dash.

I'm not a Christian, let's start with that. In the first century Jews who were followers of The Way were called Jews. Gentiles who were followers were called Christians. Even in the Brit Hadasha we see what Paul calls himself "I am a Jew". Jewish Believers were called a "sect" of Judaism, Nazerenes by name but still a sect of Judaism... not a new religion called "Christianity". This sect was hijacked later by Gentiles who began the long journey of erasing anything Jewish from the faith. They installed Pagan holidays into the faith such as the Festival of Ishtar which then became Easter. These "Church Fathers" introduced Christmas which was celebrated on the birthday of Tammuz a god of fertility and of the underworld. I'm not a part of that group.

I'm not a part of the "Christian" group today either. Benny Hinn, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker and the rest of them aren't the kind of people I'd call "brother" as we don't follow the same G-d. Some Christians would argue that those folks aren't "real Christians" and then proceed to tell me of their own interpretation of what real Christians are like. I don't match those descriptions either.

My litmus test is simple, I refer to Yeshua's own words. "If you love me, you will keep my commandments". If a person doesn't keep His Commandments then they don't love Him. They can tell me till they're blue in the face that they love Him, but if they are lawless they do not know Him.

I am a Jew and I follow the teachings of Yeshua. I determine what I call myself and I'm happy with that :-)
Rabbi Stanley

''MMM'' Well, Shalom Rabbi Stanley
It was not my intention to insult you by assuming you were a Christian, but you were quoting from the NT. and you must be reading my book when it comes to Benny Hinn and that bunch, I am not a member of any organized religion. I did however enjoy Zola Levitt while he was with us, and I watch Pastor M. Scott. I  believe in both the OT and NT, I do not speak in tongues or heal folks, I was a Mormon for 38 years when I began reading the Bible. when I got to Isaiah I was a changed man, "Are there any Gods beside me, I know not any."  From then on I spent all my time trying to convert my family, with no luck, now they all think I'm possessed, anyway I try to understand nothing but the Bible which isn't the easiest thing to do, that's why all the questions. One last question for today, which day is the day of rest?

Shalom Bob,
I'm not insulted at all and didn't take it as an insult. I hope you're not offended by my directness because I don't mean to offend you either.
The day of rest is and has always been the Shabbat. Sabbath is from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday night. The Church Fathers changed it to Sunday without any authority from G-d. Observing the Sabbath is not a "Jewish thing". G-d rested on the Sabbath long before a Jew ever existed.
Zola was a good man, I knew him and am still in contact with many in his ministry. He didn't believe in keeping the laws of the covenant but he did love the Jewish people... so that's a start.
I understand why you'd try to convert your family, it's natural. As for myself, I don't try to convert anyone, I'm done trying and don't believe it is my job. I do try to make disciples. Judaism isn't a proselytizing faith and neither is true Messianic Judaism. If someone asks me about my faith, I'm willing to share but otherwise I leave them to HaShem. I know that Paul had a strong belief in being a Missionary type, but the other disciples did not. They were more interested in having Jews from other sects of Judaism join their particular sect. It's quite a different outlook then most Christians today and how they understand the "Great Commission".
Ok, I'll ttyl,
Rabbi Stanley

Judge not,only God Judges,if you judge others then you are making you yourselves God

What do you do with this Scripture?
“But he that is spiritual judgeth all things.” (1Cor 2:15).
Do you just ignore it? How many OTHER Scriptures do you ignore? How do you decide which ones to ignore and which ones to follow? Do you have an alphabetical sytem or do you go by how it feels depending on your day? Maybe you have a magic hat you pull verses out of or something like a bingo ball where it's all random. Instaed of calling out "BINGO!", you could call out "BONEHEAD!" lol I'm just kiddin ya Berry, go take your meds.
Rabbi Stanley

Rabbi Stanley, You're right to come down on Hinn and Warren but Hal Lindsey is not a prophet to start with. I've read ALL his books.
The word "if" doesn't mean certainty. He just tells us what we could possibly expect to happen in the future because the Bible predicts it to happen.
Hal has never claimed to be a prophet so he couldn't possibly be classified as false. Every person in the world would do well to read all of his books.
Humble regards,

Shalom Bill,
Let's reason.
In all my years of teaching Bible I've never called myself a "Bible Teacher". Many have introduced me that way and I suspect many think I am a Bible Teacher, but I've never actually called myself that (even though I think I am one).
So now let's think about Hal. He's been called a Prophet and didn't deny it (I saw him do that on numerous occasions). I've also heard him say "Thus saith the L-rd" and then begin to prophecy. So do you see that someone doesn't have to utter the words "I am a prophet of the L-rd" in order to be a prophet OR a false prophet?
Even by your own words here he says "because the Bible predicts it to happen." That's enough to be considered a prophet. If a preacher/Bible teacher says "The Bible says that such and such (events and happenings) is going to take place in the future" then he has just informed us that he is a prophet. If an Imam says that "the Koran says that Allah will destroy the world with water" then that Imam is a prophet of Allah.
The point is one must over emphasize when teaching eschatology what is his own opinion and what is the Bible's opinion
The other point here is that this man has made millions on the precept that the USSR is the Empire of the Anti-Christ. The USSR is GONE if you haven't noticed! If you had a geography teacher who told you that the world is flat, would you then go and buy his book? Then why on earth would you accept religious teaching from someone so incredibly incorrect?
I also don't understand, Bill, how you can see through Warren and Hinn but you completly miss it with Hal? Use the same deductions you used with those men and you will be alright.
Shalom beHaShem,
Rabbi Stanley

Rabbi Stanley, This is my first time reading any of your articles, and I'm sure glad to see there's someone out there who really knows the scriptures. I don't understand alot of the complaints that I'm hearing from the people who are writting into you, and I sure don't understand their lack of knowledge of the scriptures. Where are these people going to church? What Bible are they reading? Have preachers gotten so far away from the real scriptures that their confusing everyone?  I was saved at 12 years old(I'm 59 now), and was raised in a wonderful church. The pastor knew what he was preaching, and it's exactly what you are saying. It was not a Jewish church, but you are so right on. I think almost everyone else has lost their way. I think there are alot of preachers out there that are going to be held accountable for not preaching the truth. We must pray for everyone! God Bless you Always,

Shalom Rebecca,
Well you certainly have a Jewish first name and we have a large part of our family who have the same last name as you do. The Larson side of our family is from Norway.
Anyway, thanks for your comments. It is amazing how the Church has fallen away from the truth. That can all be traced back directly to it's Paganized infiltration and the abandonment of the Churches roots. Once you take the Jewishness out of the New Testament you are left with nothing and no rules. Once one has gotten rid of G-d's rules they then replace them with their own.
Yes, the preachers will be held accountable no doubt.
I think some of the people on this very page have never heard anyone speak against their hero before. I think they'll be stunned when G-d reminds them of this forum when they stand before Him on Judgment Day.
I can hear them now, "What??? That Jew was right about Hal? C'mon, but Hal sold millions of books AND did a movie!?!" Like they'll expect G-d to say, "Oh a movie too? Well I didn't know that, then it's ok"
Very sad.
May HaShem bless you Rebecca and please come and visit with us again, we need people like you.

you get the feeling some of these guys are phoney but you rabbi have exposed it in simple clear english

Shalom George,
Thanks for your comment.
See you have discernment and people like you need to judge. Judge slowly with wisdom. Judge with compassion but don't allow compassion to derail justice. Judge in truth and spirit and you'll join the ranks of the shôphatîm שופטים (the great Judges of Israel).
May Adoni smile on you and yours.
Rabbi Stanley

Hal Lindsey never proclaimed himself to be a prophet.  He is a teacher and a man who makes predictions based upon his belief and his knowledge.  I have followed him for years and he has always been in the correct ballpark, so to speak.  He has great insight and I do believe the Lord has blessed him with knowledge and discernment, although he is not a prophet and has never proclaimed himself to be one.

Shalom Laurie,
He has proclaimed he's a prophet. At the beginning of this article I quote him...
"Now I am about to walk into the Lion’s Den. Perhaps it would be wise to follow
Churchill’s tactic when he said, ‘You know I always avoid prophesying beforehand, it is a much better policy to prophesy after the events have taken place.’”
Hal Lindsey, The Late Great Planet Earth , p. 181
He didn't say "predictions" here did he? Do you see the word "prediction" here at all?". Why would he be walking into a lions den if he was just "predicting"?
See these are the kinds of semantics he tries to play. He CAN'T come right out and say he's a prophet, he's got millions of books still circulating that show his failed prophecies in print for anyone to call him out. Of COURSE he now says he's "predicting" events but even now he STILL says things like "The Bible tells us..." God has shown us.... God has shown ME...." THIS IS SPEAKING FOR GOD concerning future events! WAKE UP. If a gypsy comes up to you and tells you the future you're not going to try to clear it up with her if she's "predicting" or prophesying" to you. You know she's a representative of something spiritual (fake or not) and that she'll receive the praise (and money) given to her for her special ability. But when it comes to your hero, you throw all sense out the window.

Jim Meadows,
the address you sent in doesnt work.

After reading each and every comment and reply to, first I have to comment
on the word "Christian."  When you are, you live it in your life each and every day,and should not have to identify yourself
as one.
I was raised in the foster care system, til 18.  At 6, my Christian foster father molested me.  At 8, my Christian foster
mother told me no one loved me, or ever would.  At 32, the house I was renting caught fire, of which I had just paid that
month's rent.  I was a single parent, with 3 young son's.  And, the Christian landlord, could not even offer me enough,
for a motel room.
I have been to one of each church (denomination). 
And, stopped going, when the pastor and people there became hypocrites and all about politics within the church.  Asking people to leave the church, because of their
attire.  A farmer in his coveralls, who had just come in from irrigating.  I don't have to go to church, to believe and have "faith," of which has sustained me.
In reference to your comments regarding Hal Lindsey. 
Israel became a free nation in 1948.  Matthew 24:34.
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 
So, if you want to be judge and jury, for this man, let it be on your conscience.  Just how perfect are you?  
Claudia M.


It sounds like you've had a hard time. But I think you need to understand something. I AM the judge and jury and if you're

smart, so are you. We can bury our heads in the sand and "forgive and forget" all day long. And if we truly do forget then

we will simply run into the same problems over and over again.

You may not go to Church but if you are spiritual, you should judge... But he that is spiritual judgeth all

things, yet he himself is judged of no man" (I Cor. 2:15).

You also need to understand I am NOT a Christian. I am a Jew who believes in Yeshua as the Messiah.

It's not the same thing as a Christian. There are Christians who back-bite each other.

There are Christians who think it's ok to allow the child molester teach Sunday school. There are

Christians who allow the man who just got out of prison for embezzlement to count the offering

during service. Jews who follow Yeshua call this "Idiocy"! You bet I judge people and I plan to keep
judging people because that’s what smart people do. Does that mean I have to be extra careful doing
so? Of course! If I judge them wrongly, the same measure will be meted out to me so of course I’m
going to take it seriously.Does that mean we shouldn’t judge people? Of course we should judge people unless you
want to be a terrible mother or father and NOT protect your children or the ones you love. If a
criminal busts into my house intending to hurt my family, I’m going to judge him and blow his
brains out. Would you judge that person? Maybe you’re an idiot too, I don’t know yet. But
perhaps you can understand what I’m saying here and realize that you judge people too. And
if you do judge people then don’t be a hypocrite and tell me that you don’t. I’ll wait to
hear from you and then
I’ll judge you as either a smart person or an idiot not worth my time.
The ball is in your court.
Rabbi Stanley

Thank you for listening to what I had to say.  And, thank you for giving me the scripture reference.  I, as many others have grown up with the "judge not lest ye be judged."  I had not had reference to the scripture, to read and understand.  And yes, I to judge only to believe I was sinning when I did so.  You have opened my eyes.  And, I bless you for that.  As I said earlier, I left the church and do not have to call myself a "Christian." I would
like very much, to stay in touch with you and learn more.

I'm glad I could help. You're right, many believe that they shouldn't judge anyone based on "Judge not lest ye be judged." They believe that way because they're thinking
in a Greek (Western) mindset. In the Hebraic mindset, we're not afraid of G-d's judgment. In fact we welcome it! King David wrote in Psalms 7:8.. "judge me, O LORD, according to my righteousness, and according to mine integrity that is in me." If you're judging correctly then you have nothing to fear. If one is judging incorrectly or unfairly, then yes, they have a lot to worry about.
I think it's fine that you don't call yourself a Christian. Matter of fact, the word Christian was first used as a derogatory term. It was NOT a word used by those in the first Church to designate themselves. The first Church called themselves the "People of the Way" and also the "Sect of the Nazarenes". The New Testament says they were first "called" Christians in Antioch. In Greek that word "called" means they were named by an outside source. Like someone "calling you a name". Beyond that, today the term Christian has come to mean many things that I am not. I am not offended if someone calls me a Christian, I bear it. 1 Peter 4:16 However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. Though I do not choose that name for myself. I decide what I call myself, no one else has the right to define me.
If you ever have any questions, feel free to write.
Rabbi Stanley

Aug 8 2011

Been away from the site for a while, but now I'm back. Did ya miss me? lol
Some of you did but some of you would prefer I'd simply go away and die. Well, that's not gonna happen. In fact more and more people are questioning False Prophets like Hal here. So, we're growing! So lets start off with a bang...

So much if what you say is true, but your attitude is so nasty it is difficult for me to read it.

Shalom lori, grow up! We're not going to be all fuzzy and warm for you when people's souls are at risk. I'm not here for wishy washy Christians. I'm here for people who want the truth no matter what. A zinger now and then aint going to drive truth seekers away only flower children like yourself so good riddance!

the fig tree has bloom look up your redeemer is near 

Shalom ken, what do you think the fig tree represents. There's lots of theories out there on this topic. I'll tell you one thing, it wasn't Israel becoming a nation in 1948. A generation has long since passed. Fig tree blooming has something to do with the Messianic Movement that hasn't happened yet is my guess. Thanks for writing in but be a bit more clear next time.                

Good Day Rabbi
I am a Paramedic in Smithers,B.C. Canada
I am 29 years old but I am very serious about my faith in G-d. I have been to many different churches and I have come to the conclusion that all the religions in this world are wrong. All the problems we see stem from a difference of opinion with religion. I trust and love G-d very much, but I don't know if I could ever belong to an institution that man has made very ugly.
It's created some conflict in my heart and I'm not sure if I've made the right choice.
I pray as much as I can and I feel a very small glimmer of peace. Its cost me my place of worship and all my friends.

Shalom Christopher,
I'm glad you lost all your idiot friends. If they abandoned you because you're searching for truth, then they were a poor lot. You need to get better at picking friends. If you're willing, I'll be your first real friend. If you want the truth, log in at www.aveinu.com and then click on "Join us live at 10am Saturday morning" or go directly to this link... http://www.ustream.tv/channel/beit-aveinu   You can hear me teach there and finally get the truth that religions have been missing for centuries.

  I have really enjoyed the insight expressed on this page. I am amaxed how the teachings of Jesus has become so varied in so little time whereas the Law as given to Moses goes unchanged. My conclusion is that Satan could not defeat the teachings of Jesus head-on, so he became "religious" and is defeating the teachings thru the deceipt of our christian "cults". I believe, that thru faith in Jesus and the grace of God, we are all become "children of God adn therefore religiously Jewish. As some was discussing "works" and "faith" in earlier blogs, if ones reads what is written in lieu of being told by some minister who must adhere to "doctrine" it is easy to understand. The Book of James tell us that Man is declared righteous before God by fath alone, but not by faith that IS alone. Geniune faith in Jesus will produce good works, but faith in Jesus alone saves. I believe Paul reaffirms this in Romans 3. In summary, upon receiving Christ into our hearts,
becoming born again, our destiny is sealed unless WE choose to abandon God, He will not abandon us.  As true followers of Christ, we are taught to live as He lived.(Jesus did not abandon His Jewishness and adhered to the Laws given to Moses) We, each and everyone, will fall short, but through repentance and prayer we become more Christ-like. If you think about it, if one person could live a perfect life through works, then the Cross was a waste, we cannot. God, showing His grace, sent His child to die for me! and for you. How great is that love? I'm preaching so I'll end, But I believe that Jesus died on the Cross for my sin and did arise on the 3rd day to overcome death that I may indeed spend eternity next to God. By my faith alone, I am saved. By being saved, I will continue to strive to live my life the way Jesus lived His life. I know I getting "long-winded" but, Jesus overcame the Law of Moses, teaching us not only our actions were sinful but our thoughts. When asked o
bout achieving eternal salvation he replied, " love God with all your heart above all else" and "to love your neighbor as yourself". I don't consider your answers as judgemental, but as biblical teachings. Jesus taught us to love the sinner but to hate the sin. Keep up the good works

You sound like a decent hearted person Don but I can't leave some things you said go answered. If I'm misunderstanding your comments please write back and I'll make the corrections.
Jesus didn't overcome the Law of Moses as you say. They were Jesus' Laws in the first place. How/why would He overcome His own perfect Laws? G-d didn't give anything imperfect including His Law. He is a perfect G-d correct? He wouldn't give something imperfect to His Children. We have to understand there's no such thing as the "Law of Moses". They were NOT Moses' Laws, he simply delivered them. Also, Jesus (that means G-d) doesn't love everyone. He hated Esau for one (Malachi and Romans) He hated him so much He repeated it in the New Testament. "He hated his sin, not Him!". Malarkey! G-d doesn't have a communications deficit. He said He hated Esau and He hated Esau. We are not better then G-d, not even you Don. I hate suicide bombers, I wish them to hell for the reprobates they are. There's times when G-d gives up on people. Think about that. He turns them over to a reprobate mind.
You're not a Jew unless you're working towards keeping ALL of G-d's Commandments. Be careful... REV 2:9 I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. I don't think you're of the synagogue of Satan Don, but say it again after you read this post and I'll change my mind. There's no such thing as a spiritual Jew, either you're a Jew or your not. Either by blood or by keeping Covenant, that means keeping ALL of G-d's Laws that are possible for you to keep. Keeping Sabbath Don? If not, you're no Jew.
Rabbi Stanley

I have been reading what you have on your site, and I am
enjoying it.   One thing you mentioned is the AntiChrist is
not a Jew.  I had come to think the False Prophet would have
to pass himself off as Elijah and the AntiChrist would have
to be Jewish in order to convince Israel this was the Messiah.

Also I would be interested on the origin of the dinosaurs as
we both know they did not "evolve".  I have my own theory, but would be more interested in hearing your's.

Also the letters "v" and "w", the "v" with an f sound and the
"w" with the v sound?

Shalom Anonymous,
Glad you're enjoying the site. The False Prophet is the false Messiah. Same person different name. He is a Jew, has to be, can't be the Messiah of Israel and NOT be a Jew. The Anti-Christ is an Assyrian. He sets himself up as G-d the Father. The Abomination of desolation is a statue that has power and it is the third part of the unholy tri-unity.
I have a friend who found a dinosaur footprint next to a man's footprint. They didn't evolve, nothing has jumped species.
The v sound in Hebrew is a "Vav". The Arabs have often changed that sound into a w sound, the Arabic "Wah". This is how the word Yahweh came about, it is an Arabic slur. There is no Yahweh only Yehova.
Rabbi Stanley

Hey friend and brother in Christ.  I'm so sorry I just can't read your stuff, like so many Jews, you just seep with arogance.  Do you even see this at all? Sober up man, you are after all just a man like the rest of us. 


Dean, you're not my "brother". I don't have any relatives with an I.Q. under 70. If I do find your brother I'll get him to look you up.

Rabbi Stanley,
Here it is, July of 2011 and I do not see any postings from you after the one dated May 2010. Please do not tell me you are no longer speaking via the internet!
If you are, where are you sir?
As a lover of Yeshua, I want to read more of your answers to our questions as well as your insightful thoughts. (may your thoughts always be directed by the HOLY spirit)

Shalom Susan,
I'm back. I stay very busy with our Synagogues and Yeshivas world wide. I do try to answer all the questions and comments sent in but it takes time that I sometimes do not have. I'll do my best to keep up, don't stop checking for updates. Blessings to you.
Rabbi Stanley

all that is CORRUPT FALLS SHORT OF THE GLORY OF OUR CREATOR.THE Human is not capable of understanding the vast creation outside of the Earth.Eternity is time and space combined;Humans are not suitable to live in this environment.It simply is a case of incompatabilityIF and only if you would have sought out the true KINGDOM of G-D ....BY FOLLOWING THE TRUE RABBI;AND HE IS TRUTH;then and ojnly then you might have realized that man must be changed into a new 'creature' in order to live and work in the garden.......The children of the heaven have done that was allowed to intervene on man's behalf to make a way where there was no way;we started with Josephs's COAT;ACTUALLY IT WAS NOT HIS AT FIRST;IT WAS A GIFT FROM ABOVE.........APPLY YOUR WISDOM NOW AND FIGURE OUT WHAT JOSEPH'S COAT WAS;PERHAPS YOUR GREAT INTELLIGENCE WILL SUFFICE TO BRING YOU SUCH REVELATION.STAY AWAY FROM THE COASTS.

Yes, we should stay away from the coasts James, but you should stay away from the coffee.

Hi, I stumbled into your page, I read what you have on here and it's very interesting, I like the way you respond, I Love My Lord and Love to celebrate His day but people have commercialized Christmas to the point where there is no point  because they have lost the meaning of why we are celebrating, I rather celebrate Him every single day than to wait for Dec/25 to do that, Shalom

Glad you're enjoying the information.
Don't stop celebrating Christmas because it's commercialized... stop celebrating it because it's completely PAGAN! Same with Easter, it's the Feast of Ishtar for cryin out loud. Celebrate G-d's Holy Feasts and appointed times, leave the rest behind.

Hello Rabbi Stanley. I have read all this page and have enjoyed it, learned from it and have even gotten a few laughs. I must say it is good to find someone with a backbone. I met the lord in 1975 in a Baptist church but this church believed the "Once Saved Always Saved" teaching is a damnable doctrine, so, all Baptist don't believe that.
It seems that many people only know the "Judge Not" verse, but the same Lord that said in Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged also said in John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.
If I judge someone with unrighteous judgment then I will be judged by God. This is why we must judge righteously. If we have proof someone is teaching or preaching false doctrine and we say they are a false teacher or preacher, is this not right?
Why would God give a gift of discerning the spirits if he refused anyone to use it? The gift is given to use and judge righteously.

Thank you for standing for righteousness.

Glad you're enjoying it. Well said, good comments. Join us at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/beit-aveinu  every Saturday morning at 10am pacific. We always need good people.


Shalom Anonymous,
Nope, not right now. Are you? (send full questions please).



   READ JOHN 8:43,44,45,46,47. 

Hello Mark,
I can see you're very against education. Maybe you can take your GED and get out early? We always need people who can refill vending machines. I'm sure G-d's words are a mystery to you Mark, I'm betting you consider Dr Suess is a virtual wizard.

only got one question how com GOD can't be spelt GOD,   G-D?

Shalom Donnie,
The custom of substituting the word "God" with G-d in English is based on the traditional practice in Jewish law of giving God's Hebrew name a high degree of respect and reverence. When written or printed, God's Hebrew name (and many of the stand in names used to refer to God) cannot be erased or destroyed. There is no prohibition in Jewish law against writing out or erasing the word "God" in English. However, many Jews have afforded the word "God" with the same level of respect as the Hebrew equivalents. Because of this, many Jews substitute "God with G-d so that they can erase or dispose of the writing without showing disrespect to God. Some Jews also use G!d in the same way, utilizing the exclamation point to convey their enthusiasm for Judaism and God.

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